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Thursday, 19 October 2017 08:49

Reboost Energy Drink gets on the Taxi

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Reboost Energy Drink gets on the Taxi

Transit Ads™ has implemented a geographically targeted campaign for Reboost Energy Drink that sees the brand reaching its target market via two highly visible and impactful platforms -  taxi branding and TRANSIT.TV™.

“Taxi branding and TRANSIT.TV™ work seamlessly to ensure target audience reach and engagement. Commuters are targeted when they are experiencing high dwell time and are thus very receptive to advertising messaging,” says Hugh Wilson, GM Sales: Transit Ads™.

Furthermore, this type of out of home branding impacts path to purchase because a retail environment is never more than a five minutes’ walk from a taxi rank. So for a brand that wants to increase brand recall and product sales, advertising within the transit environment is key, as it offers excellent return on investment,” he continues.

Taxi branding is visible to consumers within the transit environment as well as pedestrians and motorists. Taxis are moving billboards that travel the same routes daily, offering high frequency. They are also able to penetrate areas where other forms of out of home advertising is absent or limited.

TRANSIT.TV™ features optimised holding devices for news, weather, sports and other information that commuters have come to rely on, seamlessly woven together by relevant, engaging and exciting content segments. The content is interspersed with advertisements and packaged advertising messaging. The latest research from Kantar Millward brown shows that the channel delivers incremental reach above traditional television advertising, at a fraction of the cost.

“The power and opportunity for advertising within a transit environment is to constantly remind consumers of a brand message. TRANSIT.TV™ is not a favourite channel viewed at home; it is a content-rich, relevant and informative digital television channel that is viewed in a taxi, at a taxi rank, at a bus station and at a train station. Unlike traditional television, TRANSIT.TV™ cannot be turned off or paused. Content is live and present at times when consumers are experiencing high dwell times in a captive environment. Coupled to taxi branding, the TRANSIT.TV™ touchpoint works brilliantly in increasing brand affiliation and sales,” concludes Wilson.

For more information on how TRANSIT ADS™ can take your brand to a highly desirable, economically-active audience, call Hugh Wilson on 0861 776 826 or email him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to or DM @TransitAds_

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