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Monday, 25 January 2016 15:58

TRANSIT.TV™ brings Commuters exciting new Content

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Provantage Media Group’s TRANSIT.TV™ has been bringing entertainment to audiences in taxis, taxi ranks, bus stations and train stations for a number of years and has established itself as a key player in the local broadcasting and out of home media scene. This is in line with the expansion of the TRANSIT.TV™ footprint and to continually ensure that commuters are engaged and entertained, while advertisers receive a successful return on investment.

With the TRANSIT.TV™ audience having increased by 3 million viewers to an impressive 10 million viewers per month, the channel has undergone a complete content overhaul to include a number of exciting and relevant components.

Skhumbuzo Nkosi, Director: Media – Provantage Media Group says: “We conduct a research survey, called Transit Track, with our audience. As much as it is of fundamental importance to research the efficacy of the advertisements that our clients flight on our channel, it is equally important to gain insights into what our audience would like to see. By developing a channel that viewers enjoy, we are able to offer our clients maximum value for money.”

The new content offering includes:

  • - Soccer news
  • - Engaging promotional campaigns

The additional content supplements the current content set which includes music videos, gospel music, international artists’ profiles, the latest news, lifestyle, entertainment and sport. To keep the content vibrant and up to the minute, TRANSIT.TV™ has partnered with content providers that are relevant to the audience and offer a high calibre of quality content.

 “The voice of our audience is very important to us, and we will always strive to give them the content that they enjoy seeing by partnering with the kind of providers that are relevant and of interest to them,” continues Nkosi.

This is an exciting chapter for TRANSIT.TV™ as the brand continues to grow its footprint, tailor its content to keep its viewers engaged and provide an ideal platform for advertisers wanting to capture this market.

For more information on how to advertise on TRANSIT.TV™, contact Mauro Black on 0861 776 826 or email him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Go to or follow us on Twitter @ProvantageSA.

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