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{pp}Social media has been around for a while yet not many companies in South Africa have realised its potential. “Social media is a powerful platform and can create great awareness, but in order to achieve maximum exposure, it is important to utilise a multi-channel approach” says Christine da Silva, Founder…
{pp}SA Men expanding their online presence - check out the SA Men group on Facebook.
{pp}With the professional direct market in mind Amorphous New Media has launched Amorphous Direct; a division geared to boosting the agency’s direct digital marketing offerings. Amorphous Direct will be developing and reselling industry leading digital direct marketing tools that incorporate full statistics and measurability; critical for calculating Return on Investment…
{pp}Andrew Rogers, Chief Operating Officer of Hospitality Property Fund, the Company who own and manage this premier property has appointed longtail as their Digital Partner.
{pp}In the past, traditional recruitment was sufficient until skills shortages, Employment Equity regulation and changing target markets became a very real threat and employers suddenly realised that their company had to become the brand – the Employer Brand, in order to compete for talent.
{pp}I spend a lot of time rewriting other people’s work or worse trying to decipher press releases and editing reams of paper which make up reports. And then I meet up with other freelancers who complain of how quiet it is right now and I wonder?
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 15:26

Join the Plain Language Movement

{pp}As early as 1945 people started to realise that in order to write effectively and get their message across they needed to write in language that everyone could understand.
Thursday, 25 September 2008 16:32

Earn Money with the Affiliate Program

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{pp}Start earning money today by joining one of the newest and most generous Pay-Per-Sale South African affiliate programs around. The affiliate program pays out (up to 15% per order value) in commissions for orders placed by the referrals you send.
Monday, 22 September 2008 12:33

Web Strategy is Key to ROI

{pp}Over and above volumes of traffic on your website, you need qualified traffic. Having a dynamic and holistic web strategy is key to generating quality leads and increasing conversions – and in many cases this means utilising more than just Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising.
Friday, 12 September 2008 14:25

Web Strategy is Key to ROI

{pp}When it comes to marketing, the Internet has provided many distinct benefits, the main one being the ability to circulate media and information around the world at a much lower cost than more traditional forms of advertisement. Marketing on the Internet combines the technical aspects of the Internet with a…
{pp}Leading experiential marketing agency Jack Morton Worldwide has formed a strategic partnership with Johannesburg based O’MAGE Ltd.
{pp}So much work goes into producing documents, which is why they’re so long, but so little work goes into editing them.

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