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{pp}While many IT executives take the plunge and start their own businesses, few of them survive beyond the first three years. Two key factors contribute to this phenomenon: firstly, entrepreneurs often do not focus on critical business issues, and secondly they feel isolated and alone
{pp}The 2008 GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE) will take place at the University of Cape Town from 22 - 27 June 2008. A first for Africa, GLE 2008 will attract more than 300 GLOBE students, and 200 GLOBE scientists and educators, from GLOBE’s 110 partner countries. GLOBE students will present their…
{pp}Leaders in the world of scientific thought and research are gathering in Cape Town in support of efforts to “unlock and nurture scientific talent across Africa,” says Professor Neil Toruk, founder and Chair of The Africa Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). "We are looking forward to welcoming some of the…
{pp}Each year thousand of South Africans flock to the United Kingdom to take advantage of the opportunities that come with worldwide travel and the strong pound - however this phenomenon will soon come to an end.
{pp}Velisa Agencies boasts better than ever customer relations.Velisa Agencies are distributors of Diskeeper’s award winning automatic disk defragmenting software. With over 28 million copies sold world-wide, this is indicative of a highly useful product and the recent release of Diskeeper 2008 carries on this tradition.
{pp}Sinzinani Day Spa has introduced Africology products to the spa treatments. Our skin is an expression of our hearts and minds. What we put on the outside can be seen as a process of assistance, while we take care of our inner world.
{pp}An intensive two-day course in Web Project Management has been announced by digital strategy firm Britefire. The course teaches the professional principles and disciplines of Project Management, state-of-the-art methodologies for web development, and the leadership and communication skills essential for success. The course will be led by Karen Parkin, whose…
{pp}Thieves target supposedly secure residential estates A TEAM of Enforce private detectives arrested one of a new breed of burglars – who target supposedly secure estates and gated communities – for the third time.
{pp}During Hospice Week, from 4-11 May 2008, 76 hospices across the country will unite to promote the right of all South Africans to be free of pain. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the services hospices offer to people living with life-limiting illnesses.
{pp}With the 2010 World Cup soccer being held in South Africa in 2010 property investors, speculators and property owners are keen to see what will be happening to property prices in the run up to the cup.
{pp}Muz, the South African musical instruments online store today announced the launch of Muz Monthly Gear Giveaway sweepstakes. Every month different gear and instruments will be given away to lucky customers. Entering the draw is completely free and no purchase is necessary.
{pp}The internet has armed the hard-working public with the ultimate weapon – knowledge, and it’s about to win them a battle they didn’t know they were fighting. South Africans have joined the rest of the world in what’s building up to be the century’s biggest battle: irate consumers versus the…

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