17 September 2020

Think BIGGER when it comes to the Marketing of your Guesthouse

Submitted by Domains.co.za Johannesburg
Think BIGGER when it comes to the Marketing of your Guesthouse

In the past guesthouses, B&Bs and lodges could get by, by listing their accommodation on various tourist directory listing sites, and this is still a great place to start. Directories are well targeted and help to bring your romantic couple’s retreat to the attention of travellers eager to go somewhere soon. However, post lockdown, it is clear that every business in every industry has to step up their marketing game in order to survive.

In light of tourism month in South Africa, Domains.co.za, a local domain registration and hosting provider, with key insights to the value of being online, shares their top reasons why the tourism industry should follow suit.

“Lockdown restrictions have not only made it hard for some industries to thrive this year, they’ve made it completely impossible,” says Domains.co.za CEO Wayne Diamond. “But there is a way back from all of this and it starts by realising the importance of creating and managing an online presence for your tourism business. Yes, of course, list on tourism and accommodation directories, in fact list on all of them. They are critical to your success, plus they do a great service to the tourism industry and an excellent job at marketing their listings. But don’t just stop there.”

 5 More reasons to Prioritise Marketing for your Tourism Business

 1. Competition is tough!

You have to be more visible online. Once someone finds their way onto your listing you are still part of hundreds of other potential matches. Sure, there are some things you could do to make your listing more attractive, like lowering your prices, but this isn’t always feasible. Instead, make sure your website and social media platforms are attracting potential visitors pro-actively, because once you trigger a person’s interest this way it will be a direct one.

2. International interest

International travellers aren’t necessarily familiar with our local tourism directories or are perhaps unsure which to use. They could be more comfortable visiting your website and dealing with you directly and the same could be true of various local visitors.

3. Save with direct bookings

Every little bit helps. If your marketing efforts can help you get a few bookings without the help of a middle-man, it means you’ll make a little bit more profit towards your bottom line.

4. Help put your town back on the map

Think bigger...Every marketing effort you do for your establishment is one more positive thing you are doing for the tourism industry in your vicinity, or town. Every family that stays with you is one more family that could help boost its economy.

5. Be more involved

It is not enough to just build a relationship with visitors once they are physically there, you can explore the possibility of continuing the “connection” once they leave. In pursuing marketing strategies you can form a relationship before, during and after a visit.

Domains.co.za has a range of affordable and professional products aimed at startups and small businesses, allowing them to get online quickly, reliably and securely.

“We know a small business doesn’t have a lot of capital to spend on marketing their business. That is why we have a website builder solution called Site Builder, that helps these businesses create and manage their own websites. If you can drag and drop files, you can master creating your own website with this easy-to-use software,” Diamond adds.