04 April 2020

The perfect Wildlife Break-away after Covid-19

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
The perfect Wildlife Break-away after Covid-19

During a recent interview with Anthony Colia, Founder and Director of MoAfrika Tours – Pilanesberg Tours and Safaris, this is what he had to say:  

 “The world as we know it is changing rapidly in the face of surviving Covid-19. South Africa is no exception to this and by now we are in day 8 of a 21-day lockdown period. The scramble for enough food, medical and hygiene supplies is largely over, home offices are up and running and our Government is doing everything in its power to fight this terrible disease.

Just yesterday I heard a news broadcast over the radio relaying that Google Earth has reported a significant decrease in movement on South African roads, while movement directly around people’s homes have increased tremendously, meaning that South Africans in large are adhering to the strict lock-down rules.

However, many and I dare to say, most of us are not made to be cooped up at home for extended periods of time. That is why we at MoAfrika have decided to introduce to South Africans and the world the perfect affordable nature break-away option in our beautiful country post the Covid-19 lockdown –Our Pilanesberg  day trips -  where you can have a very enjoyable time with  us or, if you so choose, opt for Pilanesberg accommodation while staying over for a few days in this natural wildlife haven steeped in history right here in the heart of Africa.

The Pilanesberg is simply magical and one of my personal favourites. Not only is it a place for conservation and community enrichment, it is also a place where our guests get to experience that incredible feeling that you can only get from a true African safari”  

A brief overview of the history of the Pilanesberg

The Pilanesberg National Park, is the result of a 1979 project that saw around 6000 animals being relocated into this area that used to be farming land. Its history dates back beyond the 1900s to a time that is almost unrecognisable.Interestingly enough, did you know that the history of the Pilanesberg starts with a 7000 m tall volcano approximately 1.3 billion years ago?  The remnants of that time when lava flowed in this area are still visible in the Pilanesberg Mountains and the unique surrounding landscapes. This makes for a very interesting safari option.  The Game Reserve is located within a crater. When looking around you will see a ring of distinguishable mountains reminding you that you are in fact in the heart of a crater. The collapse of the volcano and the subsequent fertile soil left in its wake has resulted in numerous stunning plants and trees flourishing in this area.

Back to our more recent history, the Pilanesberg National Park became a conservationist area and a very popular tourist attraction. Thereby serving the dual purpose of assisting the local community with job creation and being a Game Reserve where people can break away on tours, safaris and day trips to enjoy the beautiful wildlife of Africa and learn about the rich history of this region.  The Pilanesberg covers an area of roughly 572 square kilometres. It is a haven in nature filled to the brim with interesting wildlife including the world-famous Big 5.  The Park doesn’t have any mosquitoes, which is a big plus when you are visiting Africa.

Mo Afrika Tours have been at the forefront of tourism growth in the North West Province of South Africa. Their well-priced Pilanesberg safaris and day tours are designed for the whole family as it offers a little something for everyone.  All day trips, safaris and tours are Trip Advisor recommended.

MoAfrika Tours offer Pilanesberg game drives from Johannesburg as it is close and comfortable for a day safari. Departures take place daily from Johannesburg and Sun City.

Mr Colia concluded by saying: “You can stop worrying whether you can afford a Pilanesberg day tour or extended safari post Covid-19. Yes, with MoAfrika’s range of money saving deals and last-minute specials on the various tour packages, we make it possible for you and your family to journey to the heart of Africa.