07 February 2012

New Break Through in UK Visa Assistance

Submitted by Ryan Rennison

The major benefit of making use of UK visa assistance agencies is that they offer reliable knowledge when it comes to what documents are needed and filtering information relevant to your application. This in turn saves you time and money from having to digest all the relevant legislation and helps avoid being caught out from hidden technicalities.

Most immigration companies operate on a “No Visa, No Fee” basis with administration costs hidden in their terms and conditions. This means that should you engage in an immigration company’s assistance and they misdirect you, they will refund a portion of the fee they initially charged.

Image an immigration consultancy that is driven in their pursuit to help you that they offer not only a full refund on their case fee but they will also refund the UK government’s fee if they get the application wrong.

What’s the catch? Can you trust them? How do you know they won’t run away with your money? These are natural reactions South Africans have when offered such great incentives.

Move Up – UK Immigration Consultants are passionate about their ability to help South Africans. So much so that for the month of February 2012, they are offering a full application refund guarantee.

The catch is that applicants have to first confirm their eligibility with Move Up consultants and they have to sign up before the end of February to be covered. Can you trust them? Well, they have been around for over a year and have helped several South Africans offering a 100% success rate.

“It’s taken this long to get our Google rankings here and we are not going anywhere but up from here” says Ryan Rennison, Move Up’s Director. “We are offering the full application refund for the month of February to assess market feedback and feasibility and this is just another way that Move Up look to improve the visa assistance system”.

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