29 March 2009

Neotel Voice widely available in Durban

Submitted by iTel Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd
{pp}Neotel Voice lines compete for your voice traffic with some attractive rates and fast deployment.
Neotel voice solutions

Prodly iTel Consulting Engineers announces its accreditation to offer Neotel products to the end users.

A hands on approach sees iTel facilitating on site consultations, signal testing and assistance with the deployment of this technology.

Aimed at the SME and corporate users, Neotel solutions makes perfect sense. The availability of the product in the Durban area is much larger than expected and almost all commercial areas are covered.

Unlike the Telkom landline offers ( analogue and ISDN lines ) that depend on cabling infrastructures, Neotel makes its services available via a wireless connection. This not only allows for quick deployment but also guards against the ever increasing cable theft problems is South Africa.

Call rates are billed in a per second basis without the Telkom obligatory initial set-up fees charged. Typically a Telkom call to a local number will cost a minimum of 65cents even if the call lasted only 5 seconds. Opposing Neotel cost will only be based on the actual seconds connected. Across the board savings are achieved.

Contact us for more details or visit our website for a look at the rate comparrisons.

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