23 September 2008

Jobinterview.co.za Launches!

Submitted by marc
{pp}After months of careful content creation and pouring of over reference books, Jobinterview.co.za has finally launched.
This portal aims to equip these prospective job hunters with all the required knowledge needed to attend an interview and land their dream job. It has information as varied from non-verbal interview skills to 40 suggested interview questions and answers.

It aspires to be that one stop shop that any prospective job hunter can use easily and quickly whilst still achieving the desired results. The site is aimed mainly at people who have just graduated universities and high school and have no real idea how to prepare for a job interview.

The job market in South Africa is very unique with its BEE statutes, innovative labour laws and demand for a wide range of skilled workers. Jobinterview.co.za tries to accommodate these factors and customise all the tips, techniques and suggestions for the South African employment industry.

Job Interview has all the information and tools required for any job seeker to successfully navigate their Job Interview and land their dream job.

Contact Information:
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