02 November 2021

Get Corporate Gifting with These Car-Related Accessories

Submitted by Joshua Maraney
Get Corporate Gifting with These Car-Related Accessories

Finding the perfect corporate gift for your clients may pose some challenges as it should be a thoughtful and handy present that tells the receiver that you put in some effort in coming up with something they will appreciate and use daily — and think of you often. After the home and office, many people are in their cars a lot. Therefore, it makes sense to give them a car accessory that will resonate with them. To mind comes car accessories such as keyrings, sunglasses, licence plates frames, roadside kits, air fresheners and so much more.


They are rated as one of the most popular car-related gift items. You can choose to make a custom or generic keyrings. As it turns out, people simply like them and you can never go wrong with keyrings.

Mobile Phone Stand

Everyone has a smartphone these days. Because it is unsafe to use your phone while driving, a phone stand that can be placed on the dashboard is an ideal gift item. It is a handy product that can be appreciated by users for its ability to save lives on the road.

Polarised Sunglasses

Cleanliness is next to godliness and no one wants to be driving around in a dirty car. Hence, a portable car vacuum cleaner is another great idea for a gift. You can keep this gadget charged in your garage and can be stored in the car to use whenever you need to tidy the car up. Thanks to advances in technology, portable vacuum cleaners now come fitted with LED lights for night cleaning and several all-purpose nozzles to deal with those hard-to-reach places in the car.

Bluetooth Keys Tracker

How many times have you misplaced your car keys such that you have missed an important meeting simply because, for the life of you, you cannot remember where you put your car keys. Gift your clients with a bluetooth keys tracker and they will thank you for saving them from missing out on important appointments due to ‘lost’ keys. The tracker can be attached to your keys and you can track them using your mobile device. A bonus with this product is that you can use it to find missing phones!

Wheel Desk

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work has become a permanent part of our lives. This means that many of us have to work on the go — from anywhere. A wheel desk might be the perfect gift for the employee that is always on the move. It is your workstation right in your car. The wheel desk can be attached to your steering wheel and you place your laptop on top of it to respond to emails on the go as you drive.

Corporate gifting may be a bit tricky. You want to show the recipient that you have taken time to think of the perfect gift that they will appreciate having. At the same time, that thoughtful gift need not be expensive but priced just right. The ideas discussed above are not the only car-related accessories that you can give. But we hope that they will serve to strengthen your relationships with your stakeholders.

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