15 April 2009

Excel SuperUser Seminars

Submitted by Excel SuperUsers
{pp}Going beyond old fashioned computer training: seminars for experienced Excel users.

Traditional classroom based computer training courses are becoming of little use to experienced Excel users. The Excel SuperUser seminars are aimed at these experienced users and provides fast paced, highest level exposure to SuperUser Excel features and hacks.
We make the SuperUser techniques available in the form of seminars where users can learn in the fastest possible way without being hampered by traditional computer training formalities or slower delegates. The seminar format allows for more content to be covered in a shorter period of time, leveraging the delegate’s existing knowledge and experience. We also do not aim the seminars at beginners or those doing data capturing but rather at those tasked with designing and maintaining spreadsheets, those having to enhance the sophistication of their spreadsheets, those having to prepare spreadsheets for company or department wide deployment or consultants having to create spreadsheet solutions for their clients.

Moreover, SuperUser seminars do not delve into obscure functions with little or no business value. Our scenarios allow you to see the function or feature in action, in context and with the associated business impact. Real-world examples for real spreadsheet users.

Traditional computer ‘training’ courses are normally presented by young and very eager (but sadly, often inexperienced) trainers. Excel SuperUser seminars are facilitated by well-known, professional spreadsheet consultants.

Traditional computer training courses are presented by trainers who also train Word and PowerPoint and often even soft skills. There is little specialization since having the course presented by a specialist will simply be too expensive. Also, the training company has to make optimal use of their training resources (the trainers) therefore multiple trainers may be required to present the course. This relegates the content to just another training session. Very few (if any) corporate computer trainer can claim the same Excel SuperUser level of professional consulting experience.

Visit www.excelsuperusers.com to see what we offer the professional spreadsheet user.

About Excel SuperUsers
In 2005 a group of Excel professionals formed Excel SuperUsers. This was in reply to an amazing and almost universal need for sophisticated Excel guidance and samples. With a combined Excel experience of more than thirty years, Excel SuperUsers is in an excellent position to share a vast know-how by means of these SuperUser seminars.

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