18 October 2021


Submitted by Stefan Kruger

Do South Africa Travel Online offer any services whatsoever that may benefit clients of Fly Cape Town Paragliding?!

More About South Africa Travel Online: Now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way, a bit of background: South Africa Travel Online is an online travel agency started in 2006 by Rob and Karen Baker. It specialises in helping people book Cruises in Cape Town and Durban, cheap flights, car hire and travel-related services to customers all over the world, and has a newsletter it sends out on weekdays which includes travel specials and news.To state the obvious, Fly Cape Town Paragliding readers want to, well, paraglide in Cape Town! Thus South Africa TO’s Cape Town travel services are the ones you (our much-loved reader) are most likely to find of use: Flights to Cape Town Cape Town Car Hire (to drive to Signal Hill/Lions Head for your paragliding flight)

Accommodation in Cape Town (preferably Cruises from Cape Town, from Table Bay Harbour (We also offer tandem paragliding in Cape Town, through our much-loved partners, Fly Cape Town Paragliding, but it would feel a bit silly writing about that on their site!) It’s one of the worst kept secrets in the travel industry that much of South Africa TO website is written by its clients, South Africa Travel Online give away travel vouchers for any reviews sent in. So after your paragliding jump, email a review of your flight to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. be sure to include photos and send that crazy video of yours via Dropbox (the more and better quality material you send the more vouchers you get). Travel vouchers can be used for flights, car hire and cruise bookings.

On the website, you can contrast airline flight prices, and easily identify and book the cheapest flight to Cape Town. Now, in my experience, most people are willing to walk over hot coals to book a cheap flight, but they don’t spend half as much time comparing car rentals the Cape Town car hire comparison tool makes it easy to find the cheapest car rentals.Did you know that South Africa Travel Online sells the most South African cruises every year of any South African-owned travel agency? Perhaps whilst paragliding high above Signal Hill and Lions Head you spotted a cruise ship in Table Bay Harbour the MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera and RMS St Helena cruise ships are all regular visitors to the Cape. Cape Town cruises allow one to see the views that the first European settlers in South Africa experienced when the Dromedaris entered Table Bay Harbour in April 1652, and to feel the waves moving the ship about in the seas that were originally named The Cape of Storms. Of course later the Cape was renamed The Cape of Good Hope, but the seas don’t know that, and cruises from Cape Town typically start a bit later in the summer than cruises from Durban, to try to avoid Harbour closures due to the Cape Doctor (as the South-Easter prevailing wind is named) blowing a bit too hard. Combine Cape Town cruises with a visit to Namibia, where you can see the newly renamed town Namibia (previously called Lüderitz) and the nearby abandoned diamond town of Kolmanskop which the Namiba desert is slowly reclaiming. Or perhaps you want to cruise a little further north and visit Walvis Bay, where you can go quad-biking & sand-boarding in the dunes (you haven’t truly visited Namibia if you haven’t felt its sand in your hair!), and perhaps head a little further north to see the quaint little German seaside resort town of Swakopmund.

Contact a South Africa TO travel consultant to find out what Cape Town cruises are on offer. Hint: there are ALWAYS Cape Town cruises deals on offer from early-bird specials, to seniors specials, honeymoon specials & even sometimes buy-1-get-1-frees. And as a special deal to readers, South Africa TO are throwing in R500 onboard credit per cabin booked for cruises from Cape Town to Southampton to those who package a paragliding flight in with it(cannot be combined with other South Africa TO specials). Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. saying that you want to book the paragliding flight + Southampton cruise package.

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