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Monday, 17 March 2014 14:42

Reputable Used Car Dealership joins the Blue Chip Dealers in Cape Town

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The Western Cape's prestigious Blue Chip Dealers organisation recently added a new member to the club, Cars 4 Africa. The groups membership has now risen to 21 of the best used car dealers in the the Western Cape, and further solidify their presence in Cape Town and the rest of the province.

Based in Blaauwberg, Cape Town, Cars 4 Africa joins a few select partners of the Blue Chip Dealers who operate in the Western Seaboard/ West Coast. The Blaauwberg dealership is led by Schelton Daniels, who, with his wife Ursula have over two decades' experience in South Africa's automotive industry, and have grown Cars 4 Africa with staggering success over the past few years. Membership to the Blue Chip Dealers group is by invitation only, and as such, Cars 4 Africa and the 20 other members have earned their merit in the second-hand cars business.

Schelton Daniels has the following to add, “We are extremely delighted and proud to have been chosen to become a member of the exclusive Blue Chip Dealer Group. It is true that through an association of quality car dealerships with a common bond in integrity, operating a share in common interests and supporting one another, that we are all able to market our brand and group of elite companies and prove to consumers that they can always be assured of our quality and service.
We know that each one of the Blue Chip Members brings to the table their own handful of strengths and business successes and by joining all these together we strive to use them and share them amongst our group in order to provide our clients with the best deals, top quality vehicles and service that is synonymous with a Blue Chip Member.
Cars4Africa has been in operation for almost a decade, and over the years we have grown a very loyal client base with many repeat clients and client referrals. By becoming a member of the elite Blue Chip Dealers group our clients will as always receive the quality and service that Cars4Africa is known for but from now it will be with the GOLD star of approval as been part of the Blue Chip Dealers group.”

Blue Chip Dealers concurs with other industry insiders that the market for used cars will grow faster over the next twelve months compared to stagnating or even falling sales for new cars. This can be explained by the marginally higher rise in new car prices over second-hand cars, and other costs associated with importing cars into South Africa from our major trading partners thanks to a weakening rand. Because of this, Blue Chip Dealers is positioning itself to take in a few more dealerships like Cars 4 Africa, which meet the strict requirements of good quality approved used cars, and excellent service, so to better position themselves.

In its official founding statement, this is said of the partnership, “Our Private Dealer Network is founded on integrity and backed by a high standard of service.” Any dealer aiming to be included in the network will have to aim to achieve these basic elements, and the current network itself will further improve on what it was built on. This can only be great for anyone looking to buy or sell his or her used car.

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