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Monday, 29 July 2013 16:02 re-launches and used car dealers are welcome

Written by has recently re-launched its used car website with a responsive design that caters to online used car shoppers regardless of the device that they choose to browse with. In the past, car shoppers have had to select a different mobile site if they were browsing with a smart phone or smaller tablet, which could often result in completely different information being displayed. Most often this switching between mobile sites and desktop sites was to the detriment of the user experience as the websites looked and functioned very differently.

This is set to change with as it has been redesigned with a single user interface that is 100% mobile and desktop friendly. The site resizes depending on which device the used car shopper is using, and it’s the same website, displayed at a different width.

The result is a seamless user experience, and customers will most likely spend more time browsing on their smart phones and tablets than sites that have not been optimised for the smaller browsers. The current surge in mobile usage is phenomenal and usage statistics show that roughly 40% of all used car searches are done on a mobile device. This trend has been increasing at approximately 2% month on month, and it’s not looking to slow any time soon*. Some predict that this recent upwards trend in mobile browsing has reached its peak, but this is largely related to stagnating sales in the high end smart phone market (Samsung Galaxy S4 & HTC One). There are literally millions of older Nokia customers in South Africa who will most likely be making the move to lower end smart phone devices in the coming year – and guess what – will be ready and waiting when these customers start looking for used cars. And the truly wonderful thing is, it doesn’t matter if they are on a laptop or a cell phone, your customer will experience the same level of detail! would like to extend a welcoming hand to all used car dealers who would like to be in on the mobile revolution. Please make use of the appropriate contact channels on the website.

*Statistics courtesy of – April 2013 to Jun 2013.

Published in Tourism, Cars, Traffic

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