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Wednesday, 10 July 2013 14:10

Hyundai Wins Concept Car of the Year Award

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Hyundai International has won the 2013 Concept Car of the Year Award with their HCD-14 concept vehicle. 

Johannesburg, South Africa July 2013: Johannesburg based vehicle retailer Group 1 Hyundai ( ) has announced that Hyundai International has won the 2013 “Concept Car of the Year” award for their HCD-14 design that debuted at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this year.

The Concept Car of the Year, which is an annual award, honours vehicle designs from around the world that are most likely to shape the future of the automobile industry. This award marks the second time that Hyundai has received this prestigious award, as they also won in 2008 with their Genesis Coupe Concept Design. 

The Hyundai HCD-14 design beat out competitors that included designs from the Honda and Toyota and was recognised as the technological future of Hyundai. The concept included future tech innovations such as driver eye-tracking and hand-gesture recognition, infotainment and audio upgrades, HVAC, and improved smartphone connectivity functions.

More than 20 US based jurors participated in the selection process and 23 vehicles were up for consideration. 

Go to the Group 1 Hyundai Blog Post ( ) to find out more about the Hyundai HCD-14 design.

Press release submitted by Justin Atkins at WSI, Cape Town on behalf of Group1 Hyundai. For more PR information, please call WSI Web Marketing Cape Town on 021-913 4382.

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