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Second Gross Window Film and Added Value Products are Vital to the Success of Motor Dealership

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Forty years ago when Klingshield opened its doors and started to promote the benefits of its window film products, the motor dealerships’ only sold cars and were not interested in any add-on products to make a second gross . However as the market became more competitive with more and more manufactures popping up, margins were being squeezed tightly and dealers started to look at other options to help make them earn extra money.

Today, second gross products play a big role in the profits of car dealerships and some car dealers even have the option of fitting second gross or add-on products in their own dealerships. Other dealers outsource them to smaller fitment centres or utilise mobile operators who will come and do the work at the dealer’s premises.

Back in the day, audio systems were the number one aftermarket product installed in vehicles. Back then, many cars never came fitted with a radio or audio system and car radio shops were a dime a dozen. Sunroofs were also extremely popular add-on products for vehicles in the early eighties however vehicle manufactures never fitted sunroofs themselves. Installation of electric windows and air-conditioning was only for the very rich and famous at that time and was a very real distinguishing feature of class separation. And then the option of window tinting became available.

Window tinting for cars back then was an extremely specialised installation only done by Klingshield, the window film company. Specially trained  installers were brought into the country to train our locals. Thereafter Klingshield opened a window film and window tinting school in South Africa and with the opening of this school hundreds of window installers were trained to perfection in Johannesburg. With this progression Klingshield opened tinting shops and appointed agents all over the country to install window film on all types of vehicles.

In the early Nineties the Finance and Incidentals specialists were brought in to dealerships to deal with finance and aftermarket products. These staff members were known as F & I and were established in Dealerships to deal with all the extras, besides the ‘sale of the metal’ as it is known in the industry.

Today, add-ons have become a must to any car owner and for any car dealership looking to make an extra gross.

Currently smash and Grab window tinting is the number one aftermarket product in the motor industry. Once the film is applied to a vehicles window it strengthens the glass making it more difficult to penetrate. Here in South Africa we have the highest number of smash and grab attacks on vehicle windows in the world and it is imperative for drivers to safeguard themselves and their family members and this product offers just that.

In the 21st Century, with technology constantly growing like it is, there are new aftermarket products coming into the vehicle market every day. Klingshield, the window film company, has launched many of these products themselves, adding to their product mix over the past twenty years and they keep adding more and more.

Liquid Paint protection is a product that is polished onto the surface of the complete body of the vehicle. This polish gives the car a special coating and leaves the vehicle with a natural sparkle for years to come.

Paint protection film, also known as Stone-shield, is applied to the body of the vehicle to stop unnecessary chipping and unwanted scratches caused by road debris and uneven road surfaces. Because of the poor road conditions in South Africa, due to drastic changes in weather, makes this product a must for any car owner.

Fabric-shield is a liquid guard coating that is sprayed onto the upholstery of the vehicle to prevent stains which are accidentally spilt onto car seats or carpets. Fabric- shield has the power to prevent any type of liquid from affecting the interior of your car. For example, spilt milk is especially difficult to clean and the smell could ruin the ambience of the interior of a vehicle. With many car owners spending inordinate amount of time in their vehicles, dosed up with coffee, this makes Fabric-shield a must have for most car owners.

In this modern age of technology, fancy high tech sound systems are popular amongst the youth. Due to this technological surge Bluetooth is being fitted in many cars with hands free sets for mobiles, making communication while driving a safe experience, free from distraction. Another popular accessory for vehicles is TV screens with DVD players. These are being installed to enable kids to watch some of their favourite programmes or TV games while travelling. This is a great option for keeping mom and dad calm while keeping the kids entertained on long trips.

GPS, satellite navigation and reverse alarms bleepers are now becoming popular especially with women drivers. We are seeing a surge in tinted  film applied to front lights in a number of colours and there is a demand for extra fog lights which are being installed by enthusiasts.

Another popular option is the new legal front windscreen window film which stops the heat from entering the vehicle and reduces the inside temperature of the cabin. This is being utilised by consumers who spend many hours in their vehicles making time spent on the road a lot more comfortable. 

For safety reasons, especially in South Africa, the Identi-dot technology is becoming extremely popular and sought after. This technology is applied to all parts of the vehicle and reduces the chance of cars being stolen, because once it is applied, 15000 dots will be identifying the owner’s details and are impossible to remove.

For fleet management, Vehicle tracking systems are being used. These track the whereabouts of company vehicles and should a vehicle get hijacked it can quickly be recovered.

A new product that is soon to hit the market is Stayalert. Stayalert is a driver support system that is able to recognise driver fatigue at an early stage. It will signal a warning to the driver and this will alert the driver that a break is needed before continuing on the road.

New high tech reflective roof film can be applied by Klingshield at their window tinting centre. This is applied to the roof of dark coloured vehicles to reduce the temperature, creating a user friendly ‘cool’ vehicle.

New High performance ceramic safety window film will improve the cooling down of the interior of a vehicle. This new smash and grab technology is now

available from Klingshield and is all part of Klingshield’s initiative towards “green” vehicles.

Last but certainly not least, is Klingshield liquid glass coating. This product is applied to the interior and exterior of a vehicle’s windows to reduce the hassle of the cleaning of the glass. This product is known as Kleenshield and it provides clearer visibility in rainy conditions.

Well, what will be the next invention to add on as a second gross for car dealerships? It seems like Klingshield has so much more to offer us in the future… our travels have never been more comfortable or safer.

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