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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 13:06

Websites For Second Hand Cars - Done Right

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There's a war going on in the second hand cars market, mostly a silent one being waged by internet companies all trying to outdo one another with big billboards and louder radio commercials.  The stakes are high and the winners are those with the biggest budgets – the more money you throw at these advertising campaigns, the more customers you attract and the better you will do.  At some point though, you need to be spending a very large sum to attract the same number of customers, as there are only so many people who are shopping for a second hand car at any one time.  In this equation, the big players win and the smaller players fall along the wayside.

Not so anymore though – Auto Agent, the makers of have invested heavily in a mobile friendly platform which specialises in selling second hand cars. By focusing on the independent car dealer market, which until now has been left largely to fend for them selves, provides dealers the perfect opportunity to continue acting as independents, whilst getting excellent exposure from a platform that is designed exclusively for selling used cars. We believe the mobile market, not just cellphones, but tablets and the next generation of touch screen devices, will find our website a whole lot more friendly to use than traditional websites designed for desktop users.

Current mobile penetration in South Africa is somewhere near the 70% mark which is significantly higher than fixed line internet access of around20%.  This means that there are now over 8 million South Africans using cell phones to surf the web, and I'm sure the second hand car market will see traffic from these users as well.

Current mobile use on is around 24.5% with this number increasing to 31% on weekends as a desk bound office workers take leave from laptops and desktop computers and go mobile.

Pierre Theron says: "Second hand car dealers can think of Pickacar as their own personal marketing platform, and whilst we provide dealerships with their own excellent websites, we do all the online marketing  for our clients on Pickacar".

Car dealerships are welcome to contact Auto Agent and discuss exactly what they require.  Currently, is reserved exclusively for dealers selling second hand cars.

Auto Agent is the founder of the mobile friendly car dealer network and employs next generation web development technologies to cater for an ever increasing mobile market in South Africa.

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