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{pp}Nazareth House is a little haven of hope in Yeoville, home to 35 orphaned children. The home receives children from the National and Provincial Social Welfare departments, the Children’s Court and the South African Police Service. Staff and volunteers are tasked with the care of these children’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs by providing 24 hour care, housing, nutritious food, clothing, education, specialised nursing and medication. It is this set of circumstances that has attracted Qatar Airways to this haven of hope when choosing a charity to support.

“The home’s sustainability and infrastructure makes it one of the best run orphanages in the city with many of their kids living way past their ‘medically expected lifespan’ due to the phenomenal devotion of all who work there,” says Greg Epps, Country Manager of Qatar Airways South Africa.

“That is why we decided to do something different and ensure that the kids had a normal Saturday out in Johannesburg.” Earlier this month, Qatar Airways filled a bus, supplied by the crew transfer company, with their staff and departed for Nazareth House where they picked up the kids and staff after a quick tour of the facility. The group headed for Fourways Mall for some Saturday morning shopping where each child was tasked with picking their own outfit, much to their delight of being able to exact a certain degree of independence.

“It was a real treat to feel the energy in that store, with so many happy and excited faces picking out their outfits for the summer season,” says Epps. With the shopping trip done, it was time to take the kids off to the Montecasino Bird Gardens where they were treated to a hearty lunch and some face painting. At the Bird Gardens the children were educated about conservation during an exotic bird show, where they were close to many famous birds including a Giant Eagle Owl, the world’s largest breed of owl swooping over them during the show and an environmentally conscious crow that picks up cans and throws them away.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed this show and thereafter roamed through the many exhibits at the gardens including a walk through the large aviary. Birds were not the only attractions on display, the kids also got a chance to see many reptiles and mammals such a Pythons, Ring-Tailed Lemurs and a very peculiar looking Sloth, which many of the children had never seen before! “One of the greatest things about today must have been the community of purpose that the entire Qatar Airways team experienced.

It is humbling to know that even for one day, we made the children of Nazareth House feel happy and loved and we’d like to thank the Qatar embassy who also assisted us in making this day possible,” concludes Epps.

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