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Friday, 09 October 2009 10:15

Fourth Winter Mohair sale a success

{pp}The fourth winter sale took place in Port Elizabeth recently with 159 147 kgs on offer and 97% of the offering was sold.
According to Deon Saayman, general manager of Mohair SA, the offering consisted of some high quality mohair with better length than the previous sales. The average market indicator remained unchanged from the previous sale to close on R69.50. A highest price of R236.00 was paid for a bale of 26 micron good style winter kid mohair.

Competition amongst the buyers were good, with adult and young goat mohair experiencing the highest interest, with the quantity of mohair on offer for these categories slowing down towards the end of the season.

The market indicator for the corresponding sale of 2008 has been restated, and if compared with these prices, the results are truly encouraging, says Saayman.

The fifth sale of the winter season is scheduled for 27 October.

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