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{pp}Research over the years has shown that playing classical music to babies in the womb, stimulates the brain in a way that helps educational and emotional development. Known as the Mozart Effect, music is said to boost the baby’s IQ, improves health, strengthens family ties and occasionally delivers the child prodigy.

Attraction Publishers’ have taken a keen interest in this theory and soon discovered that they have just the product for the South African market. Started in 2007 by Nella and Clint Francom, Attraction Publishers’ initial aim was to produce a CD for adults consisting of inspiring songs backed by uplifting music which would encourage positive thinking and so The Positive Attraction CD was born. Nella, who recently passed away in a vehicle accident, firmly believed in the Law of Attraction and wanted to share her success by creating a training tool to help families attract only the “good things” into their lives.

Recognising that a foetus responds to music from about 24 weeks and learns familiar noises it will recognise after birth, such as the music its parents have listened to repeatedly, Nella and Clint knew that their Positive Attraction CD was the perfect tool for families. “So many people defy The Law of Attraction by thinking its way too easy to be true and unfortunately, pass this message onto their children. Essentially what they don’t realise is that if you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, you’ll get it. But… putting a lot of attention and thought into something you don’t want, means you’ll most probably get that too!” Nella was quoted as saying. The healthy development of a child relies on love, care and nourishment, followed very closely by music.

From approximately 5 to 6 months, babies in the womb hear sounds and feel the cadence of their mother’s heartbeat. When they are born, sound continues to play a vital role in their development; lullabies are known to have a calming effect, the soothing sounds of cradle chimes help baby to sleep, rattles or bells are shaken to stimulate motor movement as they will slowly turn to follow the sound. When they are older, they will enjoy nothing better than making musical noises of their own. Nella chose music because it is such a universal language that everyone can relate to. “It’s also such a time saver because you and your child can listen to it in the car, at home or the office and instantly get your daily Positive Attraction exercises in instead of having to read through chapters of books,” she was quoted when asked about the motivation behind the CD. “As children we are often taught to only deal with external circumstances; that things just happen, that we have no control over them, and that we must just deal with it. Or the common belief is that you have to suffer or struggle with an issue before you can overcome it. This is all drivel,” Nella concluded when asked about her experience of the Law of Attraction and after having read more than 1,000 self-help books.

“By raising your children through Positive Attraction methods and by educating them to understand that they can have or be anything they want to and that they alone control their own destinies, they will succeed. The power to shape a positive future for your child lies in your hands.”

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