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Monday, 08 June 2009 16:53

Qatar Airways’ Provides In-flight Yoga and Tips from Renowned Lifestyle Guru Deepak Chopra

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{pp}Fly Healthy & Fly Fit Guide To Aid Passenger Relaxation Onboard

Many passengers know that leading a healthy lifestyle is not always as easy as making a resolution and sticking to it. Qatar Airways has taken steps to help passengers meet their goals with their onboard yoga guide and tips on how to stay relaxed and rejuvenated in flight. Especially customised for long-haul fliers, the four-page “Fly Healthy, Fly Fit” guide has been prepared by Qatar Airways in association with “The Chopra Centre for Wellbeing” and its world-renowned co-founder Deepak Chopra.

The 5-star ranked carrier presents a simple and effective range of relaxation techniques, which have been specially created by Deepak Chopra for the airline’s passengers. Deepak Chopra’s holistic approach fuses modern medical knowledge with the ancient science of Ayurveda and the art of yoga. It provides passengers with easy exercise routines, enabling them to feel more balanced and relaxed during long flights. Gentle stretches to encourage blood circulation, with soothing self-massages of the neck, arms and hands, as well as step-by-step yoga postures to relieve tension can all be done from the comfort of their seat even with the seat belt fastened. The guide, printed in English and Arabic, allows passengers to easily navigate their way through a variety of techniques with clear illustrations of the exercises. In an attempt to make the in-flight experience more enriching and less a means to pass time, the guide contains meditation practices to reduce stress, so travellers reach their destination relaxed and rejuvenated. In particular, being aware of one’s breathing – the conscious in- and exhale process – is a powerful tool to fight anxiety and jet lag. While Qatar Airways’ “Fly Healthy, Fly Fit” guide has been tailored to enhance the quality of the in-flight experience, all of the techniques shown can be used pre- and post-flight for a more healthy and balanced life.

With the wellbeing in-flight programme, Qatar Airways emphasises its most important goal of enhancing the customer experience onboard. Speaking about the programme, Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker said: “Qatar Airways is delighted to have teamed up with the world renowned Deepak Chopra and his Chopra Centre for Wellbeing to offer our passengers the ultimate relaxation techniques during their flights. “We recognise the importance of air travel for today’s travellers, particularly frequent fliers, and how essential it is for them to remain healthy during long journeys. The programme administered in association with Deepak Chopra will help ensure passengers have a positive, stress-free and fully refreshing flying experience.”

The Indian-American medical doctor Deepak Chopra is regarded as one of the world’s greatest leaders in the field of mind-body medicine. He has written numerous best-selling books, is a popular keynote speaker at prestigious events and has lectured at renowned universities such as Harvard Medical School. Alongside Deepak Chopra’s travelling tips, the guide also provides passengers with useful health advice on motion sickness and travelling with medical conditions. For more information on Deepak’s workshops and healing centre, visit To find additional tips for staying balanced and healthy when you travel, please visit .

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