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Friday, 09 January 2009 12:16

How Holiday Inn came back to South Africa

{pp}The Holiday Inn Sandton has thrown open its doors to business and leisure guests, marking the reappearance of the global hotel brand onto the local scene – after a 3 year absence

The rights to the Holiday Inn brand were originally held in South Africa by Southern Sun, who bought out and rebranded their hotels in 2006. This marked the end of the presence of the international Holiday Inn group in South Africa – until this year.

The newly-developed Holiday Inn Sandton was purchased by the Hospitality Property Fund, who see it as the perfect business opportunity in Africa's prime business and retail destination. The hotel overlooks Village Walk and is a short hop from Sandton City.

The Holiday Inn Sandton has been built according to the latest Holiday Inn specifications and they are about to re-launch their revised brand standards – already implemented in the Holiday Inn Sandton - into their 1800 Holiday Inn Hotels worldwide.

"The Holiday Inn Sandton has the three characteristics that make it the ideal property investment – location, location, location," says Andrew Rogers, chief operating officer of the HPF Group.

"Added to that, it has the strength of a global brand, supported by owners who understand and excel in the local market," he says. "With this winning combination, we believe we have a value proposition on our hands that's extremely hard to beat for local and international guests, and business and leisure travelers alike."

The international holding company for the Holiday Inn brand is IHG. They take reservations from around the world and channel them into South Africa with their powerful Holidex Global Distribution System. "The Holiday Inn brand is so well recognised and respected globally that international visitors are very enthusiastic about experiencing a hotel group that they are familiar with, here in South Africa," says Rogers. "And we're confident that our superb and luxurious hotel will impress local guests looking for value for money at no compromise to quality as well".

Contact Information:
Holiday Inn Sandton
tel: 011 282 0040
fax: 011 282 0010
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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