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Thursday, 18 December 2008 12:03

Holiday Inn appoints new General Manager

{pp}Holiday Inn Sandton is pleased to announce the appointment of Bradley Captain as general manager of the newly-opened hotel.

Bradley has a 20-year history in the hospitality industry in South Africa, having worked at a variety of leisure and business destinations around the country, after receiving a National Qualification in Hotel Management and Catering from the ML Sultan Hotel School.

"There are very interesting things happening in hotel industry in South Africa at the moment, and I relish the opportunity to be in a pivotal role at such an exciting time," says Captain.

He prides himself on his ability to keep behind-the-scenes operations running smoothly, to ensure that his guests expectations of his hotel's service levels are met and exceeded. "Things work well when a balance is struck between efficient and well-thought-out systems and highly-trained and enthusiastic staff who are ready to meet any challenge that they are presented with," he says.

Holiday Inn Sandton marks the return of the international hotel brand to South Africa, after a three year absence. It is locally owned by the Hospitality Property Fund.

"We have the dual benefit of a world-class hotel brand coupled with a leading local name in the hospitality industry," says Captain. "This puts us in the fantastic position of being able to market ourselves to local and international clients on these two strengths, and of course, to be able to provide the quality experience associated with each."

Contact Information:
Holiday Inn Sandton
tel: 011 282 0040
fax: 011 282 0010
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