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Friday, 12 December 2008 14:36

Holiday Inn Sandton - Latest Addition to Hospitality Property Fund

{pp}The latest addition to the Hospitality Property Fund group of hotels is the Holiday Inn Sandton , which recently threw open its doors to welcome business and leisure travelers to the commercial hub of Africa.

The opening of this four-star hotel also marks the re-entry of the international Holiday Inn brand into South Africa after a 3-year absence.

The rights to the Holiday Inn brand were originally held in South Africa by Southern Sun, who bought out and rebranded the hotels in 2005. This marked the end of the presence of the international Holiday Inn group in South Africa – until this year.

We purchased the newly-developed Holiday Inn as it marks the perfect business opportunity in Africa's prime business and retail destination. The hotel overlooks Village Walk and is a short hop from Sandton City, which gives it the three characteristics that make it the deal investment – location, location, location.

The Holiday Inn Sandton is therefore ideally positioned to capitalize on the strength of a globally recognized and respected brand, managed locally by HPF with our wealth of experience in providing the defining service and quality that has made our name in the South African hospitality industry.

Of course, while the location is one of its main features, our guests' experience of the hotel itself is what will earn their loyalty and keep them coming back for more. A great deal of time and effort has gone into making the Holiday Inn Sandton the destination of choice for value-conscious customers to demand the highest standards of comfort and service.

The rooms are welcoming and uncluttered, with locally-sourced furniture of the highest quality. The passages are light and wide, and the whole hotel has been designed and decorated to create a sense of space and ease. For the business guest, all the rooms come equipped with wireless Internet access as well as ADSL connectivity.

On the roof of the hotel, there is the Skye Bar and swimming pool, where guests can exercise or recline on an outdoor deck overlooking Sandton. The dining area on the ground floor takes care of our guests' culinary requirements, and also gives them the opportunity to catch up with the day's news on flat-screen televisions with overhead bubbles that transmit sound directly to their tables.

We are confident that with a winning combination of a world-class brand and local hospitality and experience, the Holiday Inn Sandton will become one of the ultimate destinations on the Johannesburg hotel scene.

Contact Information:
Holiday Inn Sandton
tel: 011 282 0040
fax: 011 282 0010
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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