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Friday, 12 June 2020 23:27

Travel Agencies Seen As The Future of SA Tourism

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As the demand for travel and tourism will soon increase worldwide after the lifting of lockdown restrictions, online travel agencies like AMW Holidays Worldwide Group are fast becoming the go-to platform for many savvy tourists. They are professional, reliable and offer competitive pricing packages, especially for budget travellers. With an experience of over 71 years as a family business in the tourism industry, the group has now made it one of the top leaders in the travel industry. Complemented by their essential divisions, such travel agencies make booking flights or a hotel for trips possible and way comfortable.

Globalization and an upbeat local economy are considered significant factors for the travel industry’s steady growth. The emergence of new technologies is seen as primary drivers in the travel scene. Given the current pace of the internet, travellers now prefer using travel agencies over direct booking channels. Some of the reasons why people use AMW Holidays Worldwide Group include convenience, best prices, great experience, top quality services, minimal risks, and better customer service.

People who use travel agents can testify how much less stress is involved as credible, and reliable agents always look after the details. New clients can also get honest advice and bookings. Customers who have thanked the travel agent for help also said that they would come back and book with them and become partners of the company, which shows a positive light towards travel agents that do their job well.

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group’s director Mr Ahmed Talaat said, “The important thing is to keep your travel agency brand in front of the consumer and go as far as you can to assist them so that when all this is over, we will be their first choice. But other than that, it is vital to remain professional and always be willing to assist travellers, giving them valuable information and timely updates about their holidays.”

The AMW Holidays Worldwide Group though its divisions and after the success since 2012 in South Africa, established AMW now becoming six companies - AMW Travel Insurance, AMW Visa, Mount Sinai Tours, Egyptians Investment Groups, and Land of Civilization Tours. In the next five years, AMW Holidays Worldwide Group’s vision is to become 150 companies in Africa and South Africa, focusing on delivering the best travel experience for the African travel market. 

Amid the confusion and chaos brought by the coronavirus, AMW Holidays Worldwide Group is committed to proving that it is indispensable.For more information about AMW Holidays Worldwide Group, call +27 (0) 11 681 6417 or send email enquiries This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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