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Monday, 28 October 2019 09:21

Engen 24-hour convenience for Mitchells Plain residents

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Engen 24-hour convenience for Mitchells Plain residents

The people of Mitchells Plain in Cape Town are set to reap the yummy goodness of 24-hour convenience at the brand-new Engen Watergate Convenience Centre, which officially launched on 24 October 2019.

Engen Watergate Convenience Centre boasts a diverse range of products and services, including a Quickshop, Corner Bakery, ATM’s and for coffee lovers, freshly brewed Equatorial Coffee. Owner Llewellyn Nell believes in providing customer satisfaction through convenience and personal service.

“We’re extremely excited to open this new service station and offer our customers and the residents of Mitchells Plain 24-hour fuels and convenience with unparalleled service.”

Adds Nell: “The Engen brand has a substantial footprint and is well known amongst our customers who have come to associate themselves with Engen’s brand promise of With us you are Number One.” Engen’s efforts to deliver on their brand promise has been recognised and acknowledged consistently over the past decade.

This year Engen retained the Sunday Times Top Brands (2011-2019) “Favourite Petrol Station” title for the ninth consecutive year and were named the country’s “Coolest Petroleum Brand” in the Sunday Times Generation Next awards for the 10th consecutive year.

Furthermore, Brand South Africa recognised Engen as the fastest growing brand in South Africa with a 67% rise in brand value.

Says Engen’s Head of Retail, Seelan Naidoo: “At Engen we put our customers at the centre of everything we do and look to excite them with many pioneering offerings. “Convenience and customer service remain key determinants of success in our industry and crucial to ensure that our network continues to flourish. “This will be taken forward by Engen Watergate Convenience Centre and we wish our dealer Llewellyn Nell and his team every success.”

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