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Wednesday, 04 June 2008 13:37

Understading Car Rental

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{pp}As a travel agent, it is your responsibility to ensure your client receives the best service and understands the basics of car rental. Whether they need to rent a luxury or basic car for business or family vacation, providing tailored services that meet their needs is essential. But far too often they misunderstand or are not entirely certain as to what the implications of hiring a rental vehicle are.

In providing a thorough breakdown of what all the rental terms and processes are, we at Hertz would like to make your job of explaining the rental process simpler for all your valued clients, whilst ensuring that unnecessary errors and misunderstandings are eliminated.

24 Hour Billing Period Daily charges for car rental starts from the time the vehicle is rented. This means that should your client wish to rent a vehicle from 9h00 on a Monday morning and return it on Wednesday at 12h30, that the total rental period equals three days, and not two, as many people perceive it to be. Understanding this process is critical as it often leads to invoice queries. Overdue Rentals If your client misses the return date for the vehicle, it automatically becomes listed as ‘overdue’.

This potentially puts your client at risk, as any waiver covering the vehicle becomes null and void. Should theft occur, or the vehicle be involved in an accident, your client will be liable for all damages. Thus, it is important to encourage your client to book a rental vehicle for the maximum booking period they require it for. Additional Drivers If an ‘undesignated’ driver makes use of your client’s rental vehicle, the waiver covering theft or damage immediately becomes null and void. Should they wish to have additional drivers listed to drive the rental vehicle, they would need to pay an ‘additional drivers fee’.

This allows additional drivers to make use of the rental vehicle under the waiver cover. Drivers Licence It is standard law and practice for drivers to carry their drivers licence with them at all times that they are behind the wheel.

Due to the risks that car rental operators are faced with, your client will be required to present their drivers licence upon renting a vehicle. Waivers When renting a vehicle from a car rental company, it is vital to return the vehicle in the state in which you received it. As car rental companies are self-insured, should there be significant loss or damage to the vehicle, your client is responsible for the expenses of the damage.

This is why waivers were introduced. Waivers are not a form of insurance, but rather a form of ‘cover’ which protects your client from incurring huge expenses should damage occur to the vehicle. These waivers are only effective if accepted and signed for by your client, and essentially reduce their responsibility of expenses incurred as a result of theft or damage. This is also referred to as a waiver fee on the rental. If there is damage, an excess is payable.

There are usually two forms of damage and theft waiver options available to cover your client’s rental vehicle. It is important to check with the member of staff assisting you in securing a rental vehicle for your client about the waiver options, resultant charges and cover available before renting the vehicle. Should you still not be clear on these charges, you are entitled to ask and have them explained to you and your client.

It is important to note the waiver agreement in terms of windscreen replacement. The fees associated with this are similar across all car rental companies. If the replacement cost of the windscreen is less than the excess applicable in the waiver agreement, then the client will be liable for the full replacement fee of the windscreen, should damage occur. This prevents the client from paying a full excess if the replacement fee is less.

It pays to arrange your client’s travelling plans in advance and use a trusted car rental service provider, which offers the best variety at the most affordable rates available. Remember, you’re responsible for your client’s booking. If at any point you are uncertain or feel confused by car rental terminology, feel free to ask a member of staff to explain it to you.

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