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Tuesday, 05 June 2018 12:30

Suzuki opens Boutique Dealership in Cape Town City Centre

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Suzuki opens Boutique Dealership in Cape Town City Centre

Value, Built and Reliability- three words that sum up a brand with over a 100 years of heritage behind its name. Japanese vehicle giant Suzuki has maintained a fair market presence since entering South Africa in the early 2000’s. Suzuki is slowly expanding, committed to cementing their legacy in this region by continuing to offer vehicles of quality at affordable prices. Suzuki has recently spread its wings to the Cape Town city centre, opening the doors to its boutique dealership in a few days time.

We got chatting to the dealership principle Bobbi Lightfoot to give us a an idea of what to expect from a dealership of this kind. Currently a one woman show, Suzuki Cape Town is run slightly differently to a regular dealership. ‘A boutique showroom is a more personal experience.’ says Bobbi. ‘In other words, if a client would like to test drive a vehicle in lieu of purchasing a car, we would make a test drive appointment and a vehicle would be taken to the client, unless the client specifically wants to visit the showroom.

The whole “vehicle purchase process” becomes more of an experience for the client. There is no service division or parts division at the Cape Town Boutique.’ When asked about challenges in this kind of environment Bobbi identifies size constraints which does not allow for every Suzuki derivative to be available to test drive at any given time. Though size is an issue, it is handled well by the option to have a consultant take the vehicle to a customer at their place of business or their home.

Boutique dealerships are proving to be a popular option for several motor vehicle brands, due to its cost effective structure and its ability to operate in a small and central area.Suzuki Cape Town is located in the heart of the CBD. There are situated in the Auto Atlantic building on 1 Hertzog Boulevard (opposite Media 24). 

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