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Thursday, 16 November 2017 16:28

Digital Detox: Plugged In or Out On Your Summer Vacation

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Constant connectivity and being technology obsessed Is the reality our society has conformed to. How does this affect your summer vacation? And should this routine be avoided?

Cape Town, November 17, 2017: When you picture your summer holidays, do you envision family, outdoor activities, and the beach? Or sun, sand and your Android or iPhone? In the idyllic world, you would probably choose option one, however for most of us the sad reality is that our smartphones, tablets and laptops are always an arm length away, rarely leaving our lives for more than a day.   

Per We Are Social’s Digital 2017, South Africans spend a daily average of 8h 02min using the internet via pc/tablet, 3h 03min via mobile, 2h 54m on social media, and 2h 17min watching television. This is a significant amount of time dedicated to technology and can seem improbable to give up when going on a summer vacation.   

Having a tech-free holiday would naturally come with doubt and anxiety, as you are probably worried about the million and one emails you will have when you get back. Thus, it is important to plan before you go, inform all relevant bodies of your absence, setting up your out-of-office replies or making sure you have a house sitter to do daily check-ups can all play a role in making sure your holiday is stress free and enjoyable. 

If you are not convinced yet about having a tech-free holiday here are reasons why you should have a digital detox on your next trip:

  • Reducing unnecessary stress of constantly getting work emails, tasks or people calling you about irrelevant things.
  • Improving concentration and creativity, you will be pleasantly surprised the amount of ideas, and energy you will have from breaking routine.
  • Increasing mental clarity and acuity, taking a break from technology and being one with nature can do wonders to your mental health and rejuvenation.
  • Improving your health, no more eye irritations and bad posture from being slouched over your phone or PC.
  • Promoting healthy restful sleep, you would be amazed how many extra hours you could put in without browsing on your phone before bedtime.
  • Fostering a healthy work/life balance, is essential to your overall quality of life and happiness. Better overall attitude.
  • Enjoy leisure time, taking a break from technology allows you to be in nature and have down time for yourself.
  • Connect with others, you will be surprised how many new people you can meet and intellectual conversations you can have when your head is not buried in a phone or laptop.

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of being disconnected from the outside world? Everything happens in moderation, practice good habits on your vacation and dedicate only 5% of your day to checking up on the online world. This will put your mind at ease, and eventually you can get to a state where you comfortable to not have it at all.

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