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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 14:44

Cape Town’s Guesthouses, B&Bs and Independent Hotels Get Expert Help in Marketing

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On November 16th, digital strategy firm Britefire will be helping hotel, guesthouse and B&B owners get better results from their marketing efforts. At an afternoon seminar called “Packed” they will take participants step-by-step through the fastest, most powerful ways to get the best out of social media and search marketing.

Godfrey Parkin, Britefire’s CEO, said “We want to make our expertise available to business owners who normally can’t afford the time or fees to attend one of our corporate-level workshops. In just a few hours, they will learn how to save time, save money, and grow their business, without having to be a geek. We will focus on powerful insider hints, tips and tools that are instantly actionable – things which give a significant competitive edge, but which are free or really inexpensive to implement.”

Packed was developed by Karen Parkin (who architected the vast Marriott International hotel booking site, and has taken independent guesthouses to 90%+ occupancy). It is led by Godfrey Parkin (author of Digital Marketing – 8 Steps to Online Success, who always gets rave reviews from participants in his social media boot camps).

The seminar will begin at 14:00 and will end at 17:00 on November 16th and the attendance fee is R450 per person. The Cape Town venue will be selected once the organisers have a better idea of attendance numbers.

“We will cover a lot during the afternoon. But we are really good at explaining these concepts, and everyone will get a digital workbook so they have the notes and links they need when they get back to work,” said Karen. “If our other participants are anything to go by, they’ll go away inspired, excited, and confident!”

Some of the topics to be covered are: the 10 rules for powerful social posting; the best tools and sources for free images, free video, and free social platform management; how to run your own YouTube channel effectively; how to easily automate much of your social media; how to guarantee great clickable listings in Google search; how best to use social advertising; and how to integrate all your activity for major savings in time.

Britefire is in the business of helping companies to thrive in a world of digital disruption.

More information on Packed, and to book, the website page is at or phone 021 794 7838.

Contact details: Godfrey Parkin, CEO, and seminar facilitator: 021 794 7838   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Britefire (Pty) Ltd
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