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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 08:52

Volkswagen supports Western Cape government with over 350 vehicles

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Volkswagen supports Western Cape government with over 350 vehicles

The Western Cape Government has received over 350 Volkswagen Polo Vivo Sedans. These vehicles will be used mainly for general purposes by Provincial Departments in the Western Cape, such as the Traffic, Transport and Public Works.

This brings the total of Volkswagens in the Western Cape Government Fleet to 1 300 out of 5 000 vehicles. The Volkswagen Government fleet is primarily used in Metro Policing, SAPS as well as Government Department Fleets.

“Volkswagen values the good relationship that we have with the various government departments that purchase our cars, we are proud of the fact that we have 52% of the government business year to date. This is an indication that government is taking the buying of cars from local manufacturers seriously and is welcomed as the motor Industry contributes 7% to GDP and is a major creator of sustainable jobs” said Thomas Schaefer, Chairman and MD of Volkswagen Group South Africa.

“When purchasing vehicles we look for all round good value, reliability and safety which Volkswagen delivers, whilst our employees appreciate being able to drive well engineered German cars that meet their needs. The Western Cape Government supports local manufactures and hence it continues to purchase from Volkswagen as it has invested in South Africa to create jobs, reduce unemployment and to contribute to the GDP of SA!” said Yasir Ahmed, the Chief Director of Transport Regulations.

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