Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Transit Ads brands Powa Towas and Ranks for Cell C

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Transit Ads brands Powa Towas and Ranks for Cell C

Cell C is harnessing the power of Transit Ads™ to effectively engage with commuters at a number of strategically selected Taxi Ranks in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Transit Ads’™ highly visible, attention grabbing Powa Towa branding is enhancing brand awareness within specific Taxi Ranks, while strategically placed rank branding compounds the messaging of the geographically targeted campaign. 

“For Cell C we are implementing a campaign that incorporates particular touchpoints within geographically picked Taxi Ranks. The campaign creation process included a stringent and extremely strategic selection procedure to ensure maximum impact for the brand message,” explains Shamy Naidu, Executive: Transit Ads™.

Transit Ads’™ various platforms within the taxi environment have been advantageously placed to optimise the dwell times and mind frames of consumers passing through specific areas. Powa Towas are the largest branding structures to be erected in the Taxi Rank environment in South Africa, measuring 12 metres in height. They are highly visible and offer advertisers the opportunity to brand 152m2 of high impact space in high volume commuter traffic flow areas.

“Powa Towas, together with other media formats within Taxi Ranks, provide brands with the golden opportunity to target consumers where they are most likely to see, assimilate and engage with a brand; and where they are most likely to react by way of purchase or service buy-in,” explains Naidu.

Transit Ads™ effectively harnesses the power of the transit environment to bring advertisers unsurpassed opportunities to reach, engage and influence an economically active consumer market.

For more information on the transit environment and how Transit Ads™ can effectively develop, implement and measure your campaign, call Hugh Wilson, Head of Sales on 0861 776 826 or go to and follow @ProvantageSA

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