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Friday, 18 November 2016 14:45

Nivea’s new Sunslide coats children in sunscreen

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Nivea’s new Sunslide coats children in sunscreen

NIVEA Sun has created a giant inflatable water Sunslide that applies sunscreen to children as they slide down the water slide. Approximately 50 litres of waterproof NIVEA Sun Kids Swim & Play Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50+ is filled into the slide.

Once the SunSlide is turned on, hundreds of fine spray jet outlets fitted at the top of the slide, spray down a light film of sunscreen onto the children as they enter the arch, covering them from head to toe in sunscreen. This ensures that each child gets equal and even coverage. Once they’re protected, they can go and play while parents sit back and relax with peace of mind.

The NIVEA Sunslide is the first of its kind in the world and will be making its way to South African beaches in December. The 4.5 metre high inflatable slide provides sunscreen application, without interrupting children’s fun in the sun. The NIVEA Sunslide can cover approximately 100 children in an hour and in those hard-to-reach places like behind their ears, between their toes, and on the scalp. All it takes is one slide for full and complete coverage and each child will also be given a pair of goggles before sliding down to make sure their eyes are completely protected. 

“We know that applying sunscreen to children is essential but it’s also an exasperating exercise for parents and kids. We’re turning this important routine into a fun and exciting experience for children and parents in an innovative way while not compromising on care. We’re looking forward to sharing the NIVEA Sunslide with the rest of SA,” says Shayna Amaidas, NIVEA Sun Care brand manager.

For more information, visit Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook or on YouTube.

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