07 May 2020

10 Activities for the couples during lockdown

Submitted by Mari
10 Activities for the couples during lockdown

For the next few weeks, many couples will be spending time together during the lockdown. Not only will routines be disrupted, but staying indoors can make it challenging to find ways to spend this time together without getting caught up in-between work and chores. 

As part of the #TogetherFOREVER campaign of Forever Resorts SA, we suggest the following activities focused of couple time: 

1. Consider doing fitness activities together, like Yoga, meditation or dancing.

2. Make a list of movies you both have been wanting to watch and schedule a movie night.

3. Further your cooking skills and learn to make a meal together like pizza, dessert or treats.

4. Find a home improvement task, the both of you can create a list of projects; paint a room, build something or spruce up a room. For ideas we suggest Home-Dzine.

5. Have an indoors picnic, we suggest making it romantic by using a comfortable blanket and pillows, a variety of snacks and a few conversation starters.

6. Have a Q&A session, ask each other funny, cute or random questions which you can make unique and interesting.

7. Take a dinner date to a new level and cook each other a mystery meal, but when eating, we suggest you both put your phones out of reach so that you can give each other your full attention.

8. Make board games romantic and add some candles while you play.

9. Challenge each other to a video or computer game tournament.

10. Make plans for when the lockdown ends; things, adventures and new habits you would like to spend time on as a couple.