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{pp}The French Football Federation has confirmed that France will make Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa in Knysna its base camp for the 2010 Football World Cup.
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 12:18


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{pp}Running a franchise is hard work and requires a lot of time and dedication which is mostly spent training staff members, delivering great customer service, building new outlets and constantly striving for excellence in standards and products. For all those hard hours spent Franchise Association South Africa (FASA) in return…
{pp}Laura Ndukwana, Luhambo Tours’ highly recognised township tour guide and owner of the Thuthuka Jazz Cafe in Gugulethu, is one of only eight Cape Townians that are featured in the latest issue of Ke Nako Magazine which is published by the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee. For Luhambo Tours,…
Saturday, 14 November 2009 10:51

Green is the colour of life

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{pp}Our planet has limited resources and with the exploding population these resources are being diminished at an exponential rate. One thing is certain: our population will continue to grow but what do we do about our earth’s resources and global warming?
{pp}OKI Printing Solutions has established an Office Automation Division to meet the market’s growing demand for fully-managed print services.
{pp}Navigation Through Made Easier. Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA – Qatar Airways has introduced a new section to its website to allow the airline’s corporate customers easier access to relevant functions related to their travel needs. The new Corporate Travel section consolidates information found throughout Qatar Airways’ comprehensive website into…
{pp}Nazareth House is a little haven of hope in Yeoville, home to 35 orphaned children. The home receives children from the National and Provincial Social Welfare departments, the Children’s Court and the South African Police Service. Staff and volunteers are tasked with the care of these children’s physical, emotional and…
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 17:05

Innovation Summit goes to the movies!

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{pp}SA’s 2nd National Innovation Summit goes to the movies!This year’s summit, themed "INNOVATION BY DESIGN...innovate for your future with a purpose", was chaired by Ruda Landman who directed interviews and discussions in a simulated television recording studio environment. The 2009 event brought together some of our country's foremost minds who…
{pp}South African Guest House owners have six months to attract 2010 Soccer guest to their guest houses. They are not using social media tools like twitter and other online tools. A list of 14 online marketing tools can help guest house owners attract more guest by getting involved in creating…
{pp}AFRICA . INX, South Africa’s first and only independent network exchange, has announced its official launch. “Say goodbye to a historical era of telecommunications monopoly and welcome to freedom of choice, lower rates and independence”, says Eduard du Plessis, CEO, AFRICA . INX.
Monday, 19 October 2009 13:22


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{pp}The subconscious mind has been described as the single most powerful goal achievement agency known to humankind. Its easy to tap into this awesome power and to take back control of your life.
Friday, 09 October 2009 12:57

AIDSbuzz is a unique ‘one-stop’ online resource

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{pp}AIDSbuzz is a unique ‘one-stop’ online resource for non-profit organisations (NPOs), corporates, government agencies and individuals working to uplift the lives of families and communities affected by HIV and AIDS. The website provides: a national and mobile directory of HIV and AIDS organisations and health facilities, a training directory of…

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