23 June 2014

Dial out with your business phone number using an app on your smartphone

Submitted by Athini
Dial out with your business phone number using an app on your smartphone

Voys Telecom, a VoIP and Hosted PBX provider, launches the Voys app. An application that enables one to dial out with a business telephone number while using ones smartphone to make the call. The Voys app enables businessmen and women to maintain a professional image when making business calls outside the parameters of the office. The app is available for free download for iOS and Android phones.

The new app is suitable for businessmen and women on the go, or who work remotely. When you use the app to make a call on your smartphone, the person being called gets to see your company number and not your mobile (private) number. It even works when a broadband internet connection is not available as the app uses the cell phone provider’s voice network to make the call.

Because the app is integrated with the business number of the user, all calls handled via the app are visible in the app’s call log. Calls made on the desk phone are also visible on the app. In addition, the user’s personal contact list - found on the smartphone - can be imported and used. Reimbursements of cell phone calls are a thing of the past as all call costs are billed directly to the business.

Voys considers calling over a 4G connection in conjunction with a Cloud-based PBX to be the future of business telephony. Therefor the next update of the app will enable users to call via a 4G connection. The app’s source code is available under an open source license which can be accessed on Github (http://www.github.com/voipgrid). Thus making it possible for anyone to contribute towards the further development of the app.

Clients of the service provider can download the app for free in the App Store and Play Store for their iOS and Android smartphones. Those interested in either using the Voys app or Voys Telecom in general, can get in touch with the service provider by sending a request via their website www.voys.co.za.

I work at Voys Telecom SA, a business telephony service provider, in Communications and Advice.