14 December 2011

VIRTEL turns phone lines into lifelines for companies that need to boost their revenue

Submitted by Chris

In the midst of the current economic crisis, companies are increasingly investigating and experimenting with cost saving strategies and ways of channelling streams of income from sources other than their main business offering.

“We are in the business of enabling organisations and companies of any size to boost their profitability without having to exert a lot of extra effort,” said Chris Balak, director of operations at eZMobile Solutions, which operates VIRTEL, a newly launched telephone payment mechanism, which enables businesses to profit from every incoming phone call.

“The VIRTEL offering is one of the most effective methods available to business of earning additional, passive income,” Balak added.

Any regular telephone or fax number can be converted into a VIRTEL number, which begins with 0839 instead of the usual area code. Virtel works with any switchboard, any landline and any IVR system. In fact, the more lines you have the more money you make. Virtel is simply a virtual number which is diverted to your existing office number. So should someone call your Virtel number your office number will ring and you start earning money. There is nothing more to it!

Installation is simple. Virtel links the 0839number to your LANDLINE number and once the virtual number has been activated, a business should advertise it by replacing the landline number with the virtual number on their marketing material and in return they can earn up to 50 cents per minute on incoming calls. There are no monthly fees, the only cost being a nominal onetime set-up fee.

“VIRTEL numbers are ideal for call/support centres, where virtually all calls are incoming,” Balak said. “This means the call centre can effectively pay for itself,” he added.

The VIRTEL solution is particularly attractive for marketing campaigns, assisting competitions which involve inbound calls to cover their costs.

Any business that receives a large amount of incoming calls will benefit from a Virtel Number as the revenue earned will be money the business would not have made otherwise!

According to Balak, VIRTEL offers a number of other opportunities for businesses to supplement their cash flow. For example, the VIRTEL Referral Programme allows businesses to make money by promoting the VIRTEL product.

Businesses that sign up for this programme can place VIRTEL logos, banner ads or text links on their websites, blogs or email newsletters. Each of these adverts contains a unique referral code and for each sign up to VIRTEL resulting from one of these adverts, the business will earn R180.

The VIRTEL Dealership offering involves promoting VIRTEL products online, via direct sales agents, telesales agents, affiliates, email or any other method. Every new sign up earns the dealership R200 and dealers also earn 15 cents per minute on all the incoming calls received by all their customers.

This can add up to considerable earnings. If a dealership, for example, signs up 125 small businesses that each receive 40 minutes worth of incoming calls per day, earning can be as much as R25 000 for the number of sign ups and R15 750 per month for ongoing calls.

“Many companies, especially the small businesses, are already cash-strapped and understaffed, meaning that they often find themselves in a catch-22 situation: even though they need to find ways of making more money in order to remain profitable, they simply can’t afford to do anything that requires additional investments of time, money and manpower,” Balak said.

“VIRTEL is an ideal solution to this dilemma – incoming phonecalls are part and parcel of virtually every business, and VIRTEL turns these incoming calls into revenue generators,” Balak concluded.

For more information on the VIRTEL products and opportunities, go to www.virtel.co.za

or contact Chris Balak on 083 900 7767

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