16 September 2009

Ticket To Freedom - A Self Empowerment Guide for Women

Submitted by Nancy
{pp}A Hands-On Approach to Empower Your Life!

Get a Ticket to Freedom and begin the journey toward accomplishing your goals and empowering your life.

Self-help author and motivational speaker, Nancy Wylde writes a compassionate and humorous book that gently guides you toward becoming the woman you want to be.

Ms. Wylde uses her past experiences (sometimes painful) to instruct women on how to harness the power that lies within every woman. Wylde details the challenges that many women face in their lives; balancing career and family, going through a painful divorce, climbing the corporate ladder in a male-dominated world, and shaking off age-old myths of physical beauty.

You will learn the steps necessary to recognize unconscious opinions and beliefs that you hold about yourself and in doing so, transform and empower your life. Using logic and laughter, she delivers an intelligent hands-on approach toward positive reinvention. Written with charm, grace, and thoughtful insight, this compact guidebook will become a permanent part of your library, and one in which you will refer to again and again.

Reach your potential through your own inner strength. Tap into the creative genius that is within you and live the rich life you deserve. Through empowerment and realizing your own uniqueness, Wylde believes the sky is the limit. After reading Ticket to Freedom, you will believe! Author’s Website: www.nancywylde.com Author video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfi6pZcPUXg

About the Author:
Nancy Wylde is a motivational speaker and best selling author. An avid environmentalist, she owns a small farm near Sydney, Australia where her family produces organic foods and raise antibiotic free livestock. Ms. Wylde is currently working on her second book, an inspirational guidebook for men and women. Ticket to Freedom is her first book.

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