11 December 2018

The SpaceStation’s viewability stats exceed market standard by 20%

Submitted by Kerryn
The SpaceStation’s viewability stats exceed market standard by 20%

Recent stats* released to The SpaceStationby Google Ad Manager show that their overall ad viewability sits at an impressive 71%, which is a much higher than the South African market standard, over the same period, of 51%. 

The same stats also showed an above-the-fold viewability of 82% compared to a market rate of 65% and a below-the-fold rate of 60% compared to 43% clocked by the market. 

Viewability is an essential metric in online advertising. It tracks impressions that can actually be seen by users and helps advertisers understand the Opportunity to See (OTS) performance of each ad placement – in essence it measures whether consumers are actually seeing ads. 

The IAB qualifiesa display ad impression as viewable if 50% or more of the advert’s pixels appear in the viewable space of an in-focus browser tab for at least one second post render. 

“Viewability is one of the most logical of metrics, and one of the most important when it comes to campaign success” says Craig Nicholson, Regional Sales Director, Joburg at The SpaceStation. “There have been numerous studiesdone that have shown an inarguable link between viewability, CTRs and the material impact on offline store visits and conversions.  While viewability is not a reflection of an ad’s effect or engagement, it is all about whether the consumer has been given the opportunity to see the ad – an essential factor in a campaign’s success.” 

The SpaceStation’s viewability rating can be credited to a number of things like the nature of the platforms the company offers as well as the innovation and scale found through their campaigns. 

Adds Gavin Ruiters, The SpaceStation’s Regional Sales Director in Cape Town, “At the end of the day, advertisers want to see campaign results that show tangible conversions, in other words they want their ads to lead to sales.  Our ad viewability results are allowing that to happen.” 

*Date range: Q3 2018 

For more information go to www.thespacestation.co.zaor follow them on Twitter @SpaceStationZA.