15 August 2016

The Power Of A Multi-Vendor PABX Provider

Submitted by Enrico
The Power Of A Multi-Vendor PABX Provider

When it comes to telephony solutions, there are many options to choose from and business owners are indundated with multiple calls per day from various solution providers who are all prett much selling the same thing.  With all these options, business owners tend to make the wrong choices, going with the cheapest provider or the most familiar brand and often-times regretting their decisions a few months into their contract, leaving them helpless to change their fate for the forseeable future without incurring additional costs.

ESAPARTNER has taken on new initiative in the sales and support of telephone systems for the business market with a team certified in the sales and maintenance of multiple telephone system brands, and skilled in building solutions that do more than just save companies money but transform the way that companies communicate by taking their communications into the future, tailor-making each solution to individual business requirements.

The company based in Cape Town, South Africa services more than 200 PABX customers in Cape Town and throughout South Africa, spanning across the various brands that they represent - Yeastar, Samsung, NEC, Avaya, Far South and even hosted asterisk-based business and call centre telephony systems. The technical team servicing these clients are all specialists in their fields with certifications and expertise on each of the products to provide clients with peace of mind from the very start.

Being multi-vendored in the PABX industry gives ESAPARTNER's the edge as they are able to suggest products based on specifications and not based on brand-limitations. As a result, ESAPARTNER does not provide out-of-box solutions and each solution is tailor-made to meet individual business requirements. When tailor-making a solution, the company into account network infrastructure, security, and compatibility, breakout speeds and contentions, system usage and requirements and various other factors that relate to the operation of the system and then build a solution to ensure that each factor is covered.