25 April 2018

Pouching of 150 staff from #ANN7

Submitted by MyPressportal Team
Pouching of 150 staff from #ANN7

We would like to welcome #KASIPEOPLE to this urgent media briefing. We had no intention to deal with any issue regarding our recruitment processes at this stage. However, since staff issues are in the public domain we will now deal with these issues in the public.

We released the names after several staff were victimized for attending an interview at our company. We have been on an extensive recruitment drive since Jan 2018, in line with our company structure.

We are in a process to employ 219 Staff by June/Aug 2018 for Vila Kasi Holdings. We have posted on our social media for people to apply for jobs at our company followed by press release dated 12 April 2018.

We have received CV’s from more than 300 people in the media industry and to date, we have interviewed close to 200 at our offices. We have appointed 150 staff in the past two weeks and some are from ANN7, SABC, and some from ENCA.

We would like to state that South Africa is a country with laws and more important Labour Laws. We are having this briefing to deal with the #ANN7 staff. We have been reliably informed that Mr Manyi has been threatening staff that came for an interview at our company. When we say Mr Manyi we are talking about the person that was in charge of government communication and DG of Department of Labour where he was suspended in 2010.

We mention this two position to indicate that Mr Manyi should be in a good position to communicate to ordinary citizens the government policy on job creation. Then as a previous DG of Department of Labour Mr Manyi should have been the torch bearer in terms of conditions of employment and salary of the previously disadvantaged individuals. The same Mr Manyi is a President of Progressive Professionals Forum in South Africa. When you look at Mr Manyi's background you would be easily fooled to think he is the Moses of Black Professions or previously disadvantaged individuals. We are very sad to announce that Jimmy Manyi is just a figment of people’s imagination. 

We would like to deal with the Real Man in that Body, which is Jimmy Gupta a professional table dance at the Saxon World Shebeen. When the Gupta’s press play, Jimmy Gupta's take out his dancing shoes and dance until the morning comes. Now Jimmy Gupta was posted on several platforms that our company represented by me as MD are poaching his staff.

We will make available these screenshots of communication that Jimmy Gupta have been sending to different people. Now Mr Jimmy Gupta use the word “Poaches” and that we must understand the use of the word. Jimmy Gupta thinks black professionals are the private property that he purchased from his Masters the Guptas. Jimmy Gupta thinks black professionals are some Rhino's at the Gupta Saxon World Shebeen. He thinks when he bought ANN7, the black professionals were some animals that formed part of the #SLAVETRADEAGREEMENT he signed with his Master the Guptas.

We should never clap hands for people in this day and age that think black professions are animals that can be poached. Let us put it on record, Vila Kasi has done interviews with blacks (Indians, coloured, Africans) and white professionals at our office in braamfontein and not at Saxon World Shebeen.

We (Vila Kasi) have discussed our company structures with black and white professionals, we presented our plans for them in our company structures. We as (Vila Kasi) as part of the process has given an opportunity for black and white professionals to negotiate their salaries in terms of the years of experience in the media industry. We have never asked them how long have they have been at Saxon world Zoo.

We would like to state without fear or favour that ANN7 is running like a ZOO that’s why Jimmy Gupta can say we are Poaching.

To arrange an interview with the company’s Spokesperson or for more details on this, feel free to contact;

Nicolas Manyike
Vila Kasi Holdings
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071 234 6701/010 005 4502