15 June 2020

More reason to enter the Assegai Awards

Submitted by Assegai Awards
More reason to enter the Assegai Awards

When the world stops, marketing continues. Despite the circumstances, marketers in the industry have continued to work tirelessly at crafting impressive creative content that has captured the hearts and minds of their clients’ targeted audience.

This year’s Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards is determined to honour and acknowledge these key players in the marketing industry who have embraced the changing times and continued to raise the bar to new heights.

Now is your chance to stake your claim as an award-winning marketer, someone who clients will trust to take their brands to the next level.  With the judging scheduled to take place in September, award entries are open until 28 August 2020. There’s plenty of time to prepare your submission and stand a chance to walk away with one or more of these prestigious accolades. Be prepared to receive the acknowledgement that those long hours and sleepless nights deserve.

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards are one of the highlights of the industry’s calendar, and the most revered in Africa. Anyone who has attended the award evenings over the past ten years will confirm that it is a night of fun, celebration and community amongst the most successful advertisers on the continent.

“In the Information Age, clients no longer accept a marketer at face value when deciding whether to purchase a product or procure a service. Winning credible awards can go a long way in demonstrating that you or your agency are trustworthy marketers who deliver results,” says DMASA’s CEO David Dickens.

“Being an award-winning marketer will open doors for more business by assuring your prospective customer of your capability, creativity and commitment to excellence.”  The Assegai Awards acknowledge the talented elite whose Integrated Marketing campaigns deliver exceptional results, and encourage all players in the industry to work towards achieving greatness in their campaigns.

The ultimate goal remains to keep raising the bar for the whole industry by acknowledging the game - changers that inspire us to do better.

Key dates to remember:
Entry Deadline: 28 August 2020
Judging: 17 & 24 September 2020
Assegai Awards Evening: 05 November 2020 (Subject to Covid-19 regulations)