01 March 2021

Introducing Electra for Two-Way Communication, Surveillance & Security in Mpumalanga

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Introducing Electra for Two-Way Communication, Surveillance & Security in Mpumalanga

For people living and working in Mpumalanga, communication, vigilance, and security are some of the most important factors in their everyday lives. Business owners and individuals are constantly looking for new and effective methods to communicate with and to ensure safety for their employees and customers at large. Devices such as CCTV surveillance cameras and two-way radios are very effective for improving radio communication and security in a business or at home. Two-way radios guarantee their users a clear and instantaneous channel of communication. At Electra, we provide customers with high-quality two-way radios for sale and CCTV cameras in areas such as Nelspruit and Witbank. 

While you probably have never spent much time thinking about two-way radios up until now, we at Electra always believed that once used correctly, these devices can become the most effective means of communication in businesses. Since the year 1995, Electra has been providing their customers with essential radio communication solutions. Through the company’s efforts in building long-lasting relations with customers in the Mpumalanga region, Electra has grown to become a trusted brand and the leader in its field. 

Electra is an official carrier of some of the most popular brands for two-way radios in Mpumalanga. We supply our customers with a selection of products from QD, Kenwood, and even Motorola. Our company provides businesses and individuals with excellent tools that can be used to enhance productivity and promote security at home or at work. Our two-way radio devices work exceptionally well in large areas, construction sites, and any other facility where needed. Not only do we sell the best two-way radios in Nelspruit and Witbank, but we also repair two-way radios, install and maintain base mobile and portable radio systems. 

Electra has established an office in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga but also extend their services to customers in other areas including, but are not limited to Witbank, Barberton, and Lydenburg. Our capabilities cover two-way radios, CCTV systems, access control solutions, wireless networking, and more! Our years of experience and excellent customer service have enabled us to extend our customer base to include government, local municipal councils, mines, and security companies. Some of our work with the government include contracts to supply and maintain two-way radios for the Mpumalanga province.

There are so many reasons why two-way radios and CCTV cameras are important to businesses. From a great signal range to all of its emergency and surveillance features, these products are communicating and surveillance in businesses and remote areas. In most cases, two-way radios are used to communicate sensitive information. At Electra, we take pride in presenting our customers with affordable and user-friendly systems in Witbank and Nelspruit.

In areas such as Witbank, where mining plays a crucial role in the economy, having a modern surveillance and communication system is of high importance. Two-way radios are the perfect solution for all mine workers in Witbank since they do not require a signal from a cell phone tower to use to communicate with. This is especially important during an emergency when important messages need to be delivered quickly and clearly. 

Other on-sight occupations or businesses can also benefit from our products. In Nelspruit for example, businesses situated in the capital of the Mpumalanga province can stay on top of all activities taking place at work by choosing us to install CCTV cameras in their business. Besides break-ins, businesses in developing cities such as Nelspruit usually fall victim to customers resorting to thrift on your business premises. This could cost the company a great amount of loss and decrease profit margins. For this reason, we encourage all of our customers to choose Electra to ensure safety for your business. Having the presence of a CCTV camera alone on your business premises, establishes the presence of the law in your working environments and displays the message that your company has zero-tolerance for dishonesty and theft. 

Because not all customer has the same requirements, we at Electra can supply, design and maintain communication networks as per our customer's unique requirements. Our team of professional staff members is also equipped with all of the knowledge and skills needed to perform repairs or installations. Our approach is one where we love to spend as much time as possible with each customer to understand where they need CCTV cameras installed and focused on. Should our customers need assistance, our technical team is on standby twenty-four-hours a day ready to assist you.