20 July 2022

Humansdrop charity to offer sewing classes to empower local women in Kouga

Submitted by Zane
Humansdrop charity to offer sewing classes to empower local women in Kouga

The Sakhe Family Care Development Centre is a non-profit organisation based in Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, that aims to uplift families in the Kouga area through training courses for wives, husbands and children alike.

Their goal is to prevent gender-based violence by educating husbands, providing driving lessons and computer courses for youths, and teaching sewing to women.

‘We are training women! Please help us train more’

As part of their first mandate, Sakhe Family Care Development Centre is looking to equip more women through sewing classes.

By providing advanced classes and training on industrial sewing machines, the organisation hopes to empower women to create school uniforms, overalls and other products for local businesses.

“So many women in South Africa never had, and even now don’t have, the opportunity to study, but they have a passionate desire to be trained. 

In the Kouga Area of the Eastern Cape, where the Sakhe Family Care Development Centre NPO is active, we have encountered many women who yearn to receive training in some direction to make them economically active and independent. 

Consequently, we have identified a specific area of need: we aim to train as many women as possible in sewing and related skills, enabling them to produce a sellable product that can be marketed.” – says Antoinette Ferreira

"The reaction when we started advertising was overwhelming. We have trained 25 women so far, yet the need is tremendous, and we need extra funds to continue training even more. 

After first making the training available, our waiting list has grown and grown. As more women see the success of those who have done the course, they also want to do the training. We have many women on our waiting list” – says Antoinette Ferreira from Sakhe Family Care Development Centre. 

To secure funding for the project, Sakhe Singamadoda Youth Programs has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, with a fundraising target of over R18 000 that will allow the organization to train five women over the next three months. This amount includes training costs and buying of necessities for the sewing process.

“By helping a woman acquire a new skill, she can have a means of income. This gives her a stepping stone through which she can achieve even more. We have seen that this training gives her a marketable skill that leads to independence.”

Since the launch of the campaign, over R2500 has been raised with kind contributions from 10 donors.

The funds we raise will tremendously impact the lives of the women trained.

“The opportunities are there, but the women need the skills. You can make a difference, and therefore we ask that you please help!” – says Antoinette Ferreira from Sakhe Family Care Development Centre. 

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