12 February 2018

Help your customers understand why workplace noise affects productivity and profitability. And how they can fix it.

Submitted by KASYA
Help your customers understand why workplace noise affects productivity and profitability. And how they can fix it.

64% of employees agree blocking out noise increases their productivity.(1)

Today, work happens everywhere — in busy open-plan offices and contact centers, at home, even coffee shops. This flexibility is great for business and people, but with it comes a new challenge: noise. Distraction caused by noise reduces productivity and well-being and, in contact centers, detracts from a positive customer experience.

Studies show that it takes 23 minutes to recover from distraction(3) and over 58% of employees are distracted multiple times each day.(2) That represents a significant impact on your customers’ businesses you can easily help avert through proven noise reduction strategies and products.

Managing Noise: In the Contact Center

In the contact center, noise remains the biggest complaint among employees(4) and can negatively impact customer satisfaction.(3) But managing noise effectively can raise productivity,2 improve customer experiences(5) and impact the bottom line.(1) Plantronics creates technologies that manage noise to help contact centers be more effective and businesses be more successful.

Let’s look at some common situations:  

Customer Service Representative (CSR) - Needs to handle urgent requests from customers quickly and efficiently. Key challenge: Hearing and being heard by customers.

Help Desk Support - Manages intense, often lengthy, customer calls. Key challenge: Wearing headset all day (comfort, battery issues).

Supervisor - Supports CSRs with call assistance and training. Key challenge: Background noise and audio quality on escalated calls.

High-Level Support - Guides and supports CSRs on most challenging calls. Key challenge: Mobility within office to help with urgent situations. 

How do you handle these challenges within your business? 

Contact Center Solutions

Plantronics engineers solutions that help people manage the noise around them so they can be more effective — no matter where they work. Together, we can help your customers reduce distractions caused by noise so their businesses can thrive.The all-day comfort and superior sound quality of our headsets empowers contact center workers to provide exceptional service. Explore how you can provide a better customer experience, and empower your staff with better products, newer technology, and smarter workplace design. The EncorePro series is a great option, delivering the all-new generation communications technology for customer service centers and offices, designed for the future, and built on experience. The EncorePro series is available in South Africa through authorized distributors. More information about solutions available in your local area are available at www.plantronics.com/za 

Plantronics is an audio pioneer and a global leader in the communications industry. We create intelligent and adaptive solutions that support our customers’ most important needs: experiencing and facilitating simple and clear communications while enjoying distraction-free environments.  Our solutions are used worldwide by consumers and businesses alike, and are an optimal choice for open office environments. From Unified Communications and customer service ecosystems, to data analytics and Bluetooth headsets, Plantronics delivers high-quality communications solutions that our customers count on today, while relentlessly innovating on behalf of their future. For more information visit www.plantronics.com/za 

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