14 September 2017

Follow The Data

Submitted by Zaida
Follow The Data

Condriac’s data-focused approach to PR is changing the game 

As a progressive, future-thinking PR and Digital Marketing agency, Condriac’s approach to all work starts and ends with data. 

Data affords Condriac an unprecedented capacity to remain dynamic, agile and responsive to subtle changes in the way in which audiences respond to key messaging, creative concepts and value offerings. 

Traditionally, public relations has relied on time-tested methods of tailoring the development and execution of campaigns. These methods rely largely on data collection post-campaign launch, meaning insights and calibrations are only available once campaigns are already running for some time. While this outdated approach does have its merits as a process of learning about target audiences, Condriac has found that using carefully collected, statistically relevant data to guide PR campaign development from day one is a much more effective strategy. 

An argument may be made against this approach, in that it is perhaps too limiting or constraining on the potential scope and freedom afforded to creative and strategic processes. However, after years of using this data-centric approach for delivering profitable public relations campaigns, Condriac would argue that it is these very constraints that are largely responsible for their success. Knowing the specific interests, sensitivities and limitations of target audiences controls the focus, and as a result allows Condriac freedom to execute quickly, efficiently and most importantly, with confidence. 

Databases have been used to help identify potential areas of friction in demographics, audiences and focus groups for clients in a myriad of industries. Findings from digital-only campaigns are combined with empirical “in-the-field” data to attentively curate service offerings to current and future clients. This process enables a more personal, “in-house” approach to the relationships manage both with and for customers. 

In addition to the priceless value data provides us in the research, planning, execution and management of campaigns, another crucial area data aids us in is reporting. By basing reports on real, accurate data collected throughout a campaign’s lifecycle, our capacity to unearth insights for customers is magnified ten-fold. It is not unusual to discover information about client’s own customer that affects the very way their business is conducted going forward. This data enables clients to make the changes and improvements necessary for growth in their businesses, all while cutting costs and improving their focus on delivering valuable products and services to their own customers. 

In conclusion, in order to create dynamic, relevant, engaging, successful PR campaigns, simply follow the data. 

About Gary Meyer, Condriac’s Managing Partner

Gary is the founder and managing partner of Condriac. Gary boasts over 10 years’ experience in the industry and has worked on brands both locally and across Africa. He has a record of success in integrated digital marketing, social media and product launches for B2C consumer companies including Guinness, Hollard, Virgin Atlantic, Apple, Nintendo, TomTom, Microsoft and Dimension Data. Gary has created innovative online campaigns which have directly impacted brand awareness and reflected positive ROI. He offers unique expertise in the South African and African market through innovative strategies to resonate with consumers.