24 May 2017

Do4SA launches publication to connect corporates to causes

Submitted by Kimberley Clare

Do4SA, a non-profit and catalyst for the promotion of humanitarian efforts in South Africa, is producing a monthly online publication, The Altruist. Designed to provide readers with information on innovative, sustainable solutions to local problems, The Altruist aims to inspire entrepreneurs to support humanitarian efforts in South Africa Each edition of The Altruist will feature innovative approaches used by charities, NGOs and individuals to uplift communities and individuals out of poverty.

“There are some amazing people and organisations out there doing life-changing work,” comments Asif Mohamed who heads-up Do4SA development. “But there isn’t a platform for their work to be shared with corporates who are looking for sustainable solutions that make a difference to invest their CSR budget in.” 

Focussing on uplifting people and communities out of poverty, The Altruist covers stories relating to food security, healthcare, education, early childhood development, women’s issues, adult education, highlights the work of social entrepreneurs and more.  “

We want to become the go-to publication for the philanthropist,” adds Mohamed. “Now we’re live, we cannot wait to hear from people across the country and discover the work that’s benefitting the lives of millions.” 

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