20 July 2017

Condriac to pioneer Lorna Jane’s domination of the digital space

Submitted by Zaida
Condriac to pioneer Lorna Jane’s domination of the digital space

JOHANNESBURG (20 July 2017) Condriac Digital Communications takes great pleasure in announcing that Condriac has been selected as Lorna Jane’s digital communications agency. 

This announcement comes after a strategic partnership between Lorna Jane and Condriac to bolster Lorna Jane’s digital positioning in order to further develop their brand equity and spearhead online sales. 

While Lorna Jane currently sets the standard in the lifestyle and activewear retail space, Condriac’s expertise in PR, Social Media, Digital Marketing and content generation paves the way for innovative solutions to capture audiences and maximise brand impact in the digital landscape. 

Lorna Jane’s unique approach to daily fashion and lifestyle has captured the hearts of the South African audience, creating brand affinity through their message of female empowerment and a holistic, healthy lifestyle. ‘Made for women, by women’ is the ethos that Lorna Jane subscribes to, and this, combined with the brand’s focus on overall wellbeing and mindfulness, resonates with female audiences both young and old. 

Gary Meyer, Condriac’s founder, says the following, “The Condriac team is excited to collaborate with Lorna Jane in order to expand their digital presence. Condriac has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry, including servicing Planet Fitness and our current partnership with Akani Simbine, and this makes our insights invaluable in marketing this premium lifestyle brand.” 

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