28 April 2015

Being Savvy with Your Dishwasher

Submitted by Debora Siyaya

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 28 April, 2015 – In a busy modern world, consumers require home appliances that offer seamless solutions. The modern dishwasher is just one example of a product that has evolved to meet this changing need.   “Investing in the right appliance ensures that you are able to save both time on the task at hand, as well as conserve water usage,” says Michael McKechnie, Divisional Head for Digital Appliances at Samsung SA. “There are a myriad of options available to consumers, so it is important to consider the latest technology and features that will assist in making the cleaning process as enjoyable and convenient as possible.”

For example, theSamsung 14 Place Dishwasher is energy efficient and comes with a Power Wash Zone which leaves casserole dishes and pans sparkling clean, without the need to pre-clean them by hand. Increased capacity with the Smart Cutlery Tray makes unloading easier by eliminating the necessity of packing items one at a time. Further to this, the height of the upper rack can be adjusted to create more space for large utensils.

McKechnie offers the following need-to-know tips that will ensure the effective use of the product:

Be organised
Do not overload the machine as this may result in dishes still being dirty. Use the spacing that was created to divide the dishes effectively and ensure that the plates are placed on the bottom rack. Avoid double stacking between rows as this will block proper water streaming.

The top section is designed for cups, glasses and bowls, which should all be placed face down so that water can spray upwards. It is advisable to have plastic items on the top rack, as water emitted from the appliance is usually very hot and could cause some items to warp if they are placed at the bottom. Also remember to pack your wine glasses carefully; if they bump together they may break.

Use the correct cycle
A standard dishwasher will offer at least three wash cycles: light, normal and heavy (pots and pans). Each cycle is different in speed, water temperature and pressure, as well as the number of washes and rinses it emits.   Many dishwashers also boast a soil, dirt or clean sensor, which monitors the wash and rinse cycles and the level of dirt in the water, adjusting the cycle until the dishes are clean. Often these sensors are automatic, but some dishwashers require them to be selected before starting a cycle.

Be wise with the detergent
Powder detergents should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid clumping from moisture. It’s also important not to buy too much detergent at one time, or it won’t be as effective. A good rule of thumb is to only buy enough detergent for two months to ensure it remains fresh.

Powders may be preferable to gels as they rinse well and do not cause build up. If build-up does occur, white vinegar is a good rinse agent, allowing your appliance to work optimally. Simply add a cup of vinegar to the bottom of an empty dishwasher and run a normal cycle to keep the dishwasher smelling fresh.

“Innovation in the kitchen is not just about creating a product; it is about giving people the power to discover new experiences. We continuously anticipate trends and changes in lifestyles and behaviours to develop a deep understanding of our customers in different markets. With these insights, Samsung is inspired to continue to create new products or categories that are tailored across all of our markets.”

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