Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ackermans Launches a Mobi Site

{pp}Access Ackermans' latest info directly from your mobile phone!

Ackermans customers can now access useful information about the retailer's products and specials directly via their mobile phones, using the new Ackermans mobi site. Thanks to this mobile, multi-purpose site, South Africa's price-leading retailer can advertise its latest products and specials to its valued customers via their cell phones.

As the first South African retailer to advertise on a mobile network, Ackermans is at the forefront of mobile marketing in the retail sector, and is excited to introduce its customers to this brand new offering.

What does the Ackermans mobi Site have to offer?
Ackermans' mobile website offers a wealth of information to users. It advertises exciting competitions and giveaways, displays local weather forecasts and allows users to introduce their friends to the site. All information about specials and sales is advertised on the site.

A handy store locator displays detailed information about each branch, including their addresses and contact numbers. Considering that most users will access the site whilst on the go, this is a really useful feature - especially if a user is searching for his or her nearest Ackermans store.

Clothing catalogues are also displayed on the site. Product images of ladies' wear, menswear, footwear and baby wear can be easily viewed, along with up-to-date pricing. What a great way for customers to stay abreast of the latest fashion available at Ackermans!

Visitors to the site can select the option to receive regular updates from Ackermans on their mobile phones. These will include competition details and information regarding specials. Ackermans mobi site visitors also have the option of sending mobile greeting cards to their friends and families on special occasions - a novel and popular feature on the site.

With all of these exciting features on the mobi site, it's a definite must-see - and a great resource for practical information. "The Ackermans mobile community is growing steadily and we are so pleased with the results of our mobi website," says Diane St Clair Moor of Ackermans.

Why Ackermans launched the Mobi Site
The Ackermans team sought to find an effective way of communicating with its consumers while providing them with a value-added service. This successful mobile campaign has enabled Ackermans to effectively measure the company's reach and evaluate its client base.

Ackermans is essentially engaging with its target market in an interactive and measurable way. Among South Africans, mobile connectivity far outweighs the use of fixed line Internet. Thus, mobile marketing is proving to be a highly beneficial initiative for Ackermans.

Be the first to know about fantastic specials and new products at Ackermans
Ackermans is a respected household name in South Africa, and it is no surprise that the mobi site has taken off with such success.

Be among the first individuals to access information about Ackermans competitions, specials and the latest in-store products by regularly visiting the mobi site. Log on now!

Contact information:

Tel: +27 860 900 100
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ackermans is a South African value retailer that has recently launched an interactive mobi site for its valued customers. Browse the mobi site to discover Ackermans\' great specials directly from your mobile phone.